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September 16,2022

How To Structure A Song?

Songs are one of the oldest expressions of self-expression in human history. Scientists recently discovered a "music center" in our brain, which causes us to react to music in the same way we do to other pleasurable stimuli. Songs make us feel through rhythm and melody, but they also stay with us because of the regular patterns that make up the song structure.What Exactly Is Song Structure?Song structure refers to how a song recording is organize [...]

April 11,2022

Karaoke - A Blessing For Amateur Singers

When the original voice could be deleted from the track, the stage was set. Karaoke is a Japanese term for a performance in which a person sings along to recorded music. It is formed from a reduced version of the term Karappo, which means 'empty,' and an abbreviated version of the word Okesutura, which means 'Orchestra.' As a result, the name can mean "empty orchestra" or, in more familiar terms, "music without the lead melody."Daisuke Inoue [...]




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