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December 27,2021

The Rise of Indie Artists in 2021

With every passing decade, the music video production industry has something new to offer to the world of music. Almost every decade, a change in the music industry takes place, apart from the way we listen to and consume music in our daily lives. For example, music industry trends such as boomboxes, cassettes, and pop hits mark the era of the '80s, and CDs and iTunes (Apple) are part of the 90's trend playing catchy one-hit wonders for boys [...]

November 08,2021

How to mix vocals for the best outcome?

Mixing vocals while retaining the full texture can be quite a task in general. This is because the arrangement, the instrument, and the voice complement each other. Most of them somehow fit. But there is this one instrument or part that sounds entirely out of place. Sometimes it's vocal. It may only be part of a particular instrument. It can be the entire instrument in itself. No matter what you do, it doesn't go well with the rest of the track. [...]




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