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May 21,2021

What Is The Difference Between A Songwriter And Song Composer

Whenever we hear a melodic and engaging song, we always praise the person behind the mesmerizing voice, the genius mind for writing the song, and the exceptionally experienced music composer for making it. A successful song can only be made if every small and significant part of the song is made with passion and perfection. Many people tend to ignore the slight details like the melody and rhythm, which can deeply impact their performance. To m [...]

May 01,2021

Meaning And Purpose Of Remastering In Music

When we listen to a song, we are driven by the beauty of it. Not every song can create an impactful impression on the audience. If you listen to a song carefully you can notice that the entire song is divided with strong lyrics, musical instruments, and a little background music to combine the music into a song or an album. Every process of the song requires perfection be it Song Composition, lyrics writing, making a melody, and singing it. Th [...]




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