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April 24,2021

What Is Tempo? And Why It Is Important In Music?

When we hear music, it does not progress in the same way. If music has started with a low tempo it will take a rise and the tempo will increase. Have you ever wondered why the tempo is adjusted in the music? Would you like to listen to music that has the same speed from the beginning till the end? To make music interesting and attention-grabbing the tempo plays an important role. Tempo in music refers to the speed at which the music is being [...]

April 21,2021

How To Use Melodyne For Pitch Correction

Music is a soul-fulfilling experience that gives us immense happiness. But have you ever thought about how music is made? Music is a combination of many important things like vocals, lyrics, melody, and instruments. If any one of the things is imbalanced, the music does not feel engaging. You might have heard songs of your favorite singers and wondered how beautifully the song's lyrics, rhythm, and music coincides. Music teaches us how to bal [...]




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