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March 15,2021

Talat Aziz: I learnt the basics of broadcasting, using tools and techniques in the last few months

Ghazal maestro Talat Aziz, with his ever-positive and optimistic personality, has a rather unique take on the pandemic. Talking about 2020, he tells us, ôLast year was and will be a defining year for not just me but the whole world. A famous thinker once said that the person or species who will be most likely to survive in a natural calamity is not one who is strongest but one who is capable of adapting to the changing environment and circ [...]

March 13,2021

Specifications You Need In A Computer For Music Production

Music production is a vital and diverse process that requires a lot of skill and knowledge of music. The process of music production starts with brainstorming your thoughts, writing lyrics, and then completing the final music production with music and mastering. Many schools or colleges give formal training to make you excel in music production. However, it is not necessary to take it. Music is an emotion that comes intuitively to us. We can r [...]




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