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March 06,2021

8 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Sound Better When Recording Your Vocals

Have you ever got your song recorded in the studio? Got disappointed with how it turned out to be? Thought you are not good enough to sing? You have a great voice, but you might come out disappointed and frustrated from your recording studio. It is not because you have a terrible voice or the studio is not good enough. You might have been stressed or exhausted, which made you unable to perform well. How to make your voice sound better when s [...]

March 02,2021

Distinguishing Between Analog And Digital Mixing and Mastering

Making catchy music is not very easy as it has to surpass many levels. For music to be considered good, it needs to be attention-grabbing and fit the listener's interest. Music is defined as "good" when the mixing and mastering are done well. The sound engineers have a more profound knowledge of the technicalities involved in it. If you don't have an expert hand, you can rely on the Mixing and Mastering Services to make your music sound the [...]




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