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January 12,2021

Advanced Music Arrangement Tips to Make Your Song a Masterpiece

The music arrangement is probably the most vital piece of any song ever created. While making music the arrangement part is as significant as the compositional one. It involves changing individual melodic parts into one complete, smooth-sounding track. Though the process is of extreme importance, many artists fall flats in doing so or make excuses to avoid it. This is because if it is done right, you might have a hit tun [...]

January 12,2021

Best Indian Music Composers - The True Emperors of Melodies

Bollywood music holds an important place in the life of every Indian.  The creativity, talent & exceptional hard work of the new generation of music composers have made Bollywood music extremely popular all around the world. What if the Bollywood movies are without songs & dance? Be it the original or recreation, romantic ballets or dance numbers, woven into the screenplay, or just a celebration that gives a lighter moment to the mov [...]




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