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July 28,2020

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Like Pro!

Is there a way to get all of it correct? Master the art of vocal recording, mixing, and mastering? Well, not everybody is perfect in all the three, but there are a few common mistakes everyone makes in their initial stages of the learning or song-release. This article is all about discussing how to be a pro at all of these. Recording, mixing, and mastering, while at the same time trying to create a perfect output with the steps to follow, some id [...]

August 27,2020

5 Best Microphones for Vocal Recording

Vocal recording is the basis for an amazing music composition and the lead vocals are bound to create a huge impact on the audience. As a music creator, your necessity is a high-quality vocal, for which you need recording microphone to ensure that your voice is as clear and as loud as it is meant to be. A poor-quality mic promptly leads to exasperating recording sessions and the degradation of your authentic talent. Investing in some good quality [...]




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