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August 27,2020

What are Some Tips for Mixing Recorded Vocals?

Recorded vocals are amongst the essential aspect of the song composition. First, the track segregation occurs into several parts for vocal editing and the vocal tuning process to fine-tune each and remove any of the absurd parts and for the timing correction. Once this is done, these parts are then mixed in a specific order and as per the perfect timing, which finally makes a perfect music arrangement or a hit song. However, professional vocal mi [...]

August 27,2020

How Vocal Editing Takes Place in Professional Studio?

Professional studio sounds a scary name when you are on your journey to launching your own music composition without getting connected to one! Here is what they do when it comes to Vocal editing, which is an essential part of the music arrangement and the song composition.Firstly, you must understand that there will be inconsistent levels of singing, time issues, and intonation problems, which are the most common issues in vocal editing before [...]




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