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August 24,2020

How To Compose A Song? - Beginners Approach To Start From Scratch

Creating any composition is an extremely rewarding experience for anyone who is into music industry. If you have already tried your hand at music composition, you probably know how amazing it feels to compose music and express yourself through chords and melodies. The process requires immense hard work as well as strong musical skills.Whether it’s about composing a short piece of music, a symphony, or your song, the process of creating th [...]

July 28,2020

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Like Pro!

Is there a way to get all of it correct? Master the art of vocal recording, mixing, and mastering? Well, not everybody is perfect in all the three, but there are a few common mistakes everyone makes in their initial stages of the learning or song-release. This article is all about discussing how to be a pro at all of these. Recording, mixing, and mastering, while at the same time trying to create a perfect output with the steps to follow, some id [...]




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