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August 28,2020

Voice Pitch Correction Tips for Professionals

The advancements in computer-based pitch correction software from past twenty years has allowed sound engineers, producers and artists not only to correct pitch with newfound surgical precision, but also to use it as a creative tool. Pitch correction tools such as Waves Tune Real-Time and Waves Tune are now days used in every style of music recording and live shows.Here’s a comprehensive set of tips for better understanding about the basi [...]

August 28,2020

What's More Important: Mixing Or Mastering?

Those unaware of mixing or mastering services will probably have doubts about the working of these processes. Lots of technical talks and knowledge leads even the most experienced professionals to feel confused, so that outside of the engineers themselves, few people know what happens during these final stages.Moreover, this confusion leads to a lot of misconceptions— many consider these 2 processes the same, or eliminate them as not [...]




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