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August 27,2020

Which is the Best Mix and Mastering Online Studio?

Mixing and mastering are an enhancement and perfection process of your music tracks. These two are separate processes but are equally important for a song maker or an audio production. To ease it down for you, mixing is performed just before mastering and involves adjustment and a combination of individual tracks together to create a stereo audio file. The stereo file is then worked on with mastering processes, which ensures each song is polished [...]

August 28,2020

Voice Pitch Correction Tips for Professionals

The advancements in computer-based pitch correction software from past twenty years has allowed sound engineers, producers and artists not only to correct pitch with newfound surgical precision, but also to use it as a creative tool. Pitch correction tools such as Waves Tune Real-Time and Waves Tune are now days used in every style of music recording and live shows.Here’s a comprehensive set of tips for better understanding about the basi [...]




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