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August 28,2020

What's More Important: Mixing Or Mastering?

Those unaware of mixing or mastering services will probably have doubts about the working of these processes. Lots of technical talks and knowledge leads even the most experienced professionals to feel confused, so that outside of the engineers themselves, few people know what happens during these final stages.Moreover, this confusion leads to a lot of misconceptions— many consider these 2 processes the same, or eliminate them as not [...]

August 28,2020

Top 5 Beginners Mistakes To Avoid When Mixing Music

Mixing engineers work day and night to get the perfect session files before mastering. Mixing and mastering are tedious yet very important tasks. These should be performed judiciously, for they could either make or break your track. However, when a beginner is on his mixing journey, there are few things he should keep in mind to avoid any errors which can cost him a lot later. Here are 5 mistakes beginners are most likely to make while mixing. [...]




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