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October 30,2021

Best Songwriters In India

Who isn't absolutely, insanely, mind-blowingly in love with music? We all have our playlists of great songs that we want to hear. Music, the voice of the soul, has kept India alive. Bollywood has great songwriters who focus on songs and the lyrics that are as important as the rest of the song. It is not the music associated with background music that makes the difference, the lyrics and the composition that do. The Indian film industry has many t [...]

October 26,2021

What is Reverb in Music

Reverberation occurs when the noise occurs in a room and sends sound waves in all directions. These waves are reflected from surfaces in space and decrease in amplitude until the reflections finally fade. Many closely-spaced reflections are created in most rooms without extensive sound insulation, reaching the listener soon after the dry sound initially. We tend to hear this series of reflections as a continuous, single sound that we call "reverb [...]




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