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October 12,2021

Best Music Arrangers and Programmers in India

Arrangers help complete, adapt and rework preexisting compositions by altering elements such as orchestration, harmony, tempo, instrumentation, and genre.Arrangers work in many professional industries, including live music, musical theatre, and the film and TV industry. Many combine arrangements with another skill. Organizing Band Leaders, for example, adapts existing compositions to develop pieces for their ensemble. Arrangement producers create [...]

September 29,2021

How to Release and Promote Your Music as an Independent Artist

With the Internet prevailing at an infectious rate, it has become quite easy to have direct access to any Industry. The music industry is one of the highest-grossing industries in the world, especially in India. Young local artists are coming up and representing their culture through music. Releasing music as an independent artist has become relatively easier with time, especially in 2021. From resources and platforms to the Internet and online m [...]




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