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June 04,2021

Has Covid-19 Affected The Music Industry? Know The Problems And Solutions

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus was unexpected. People were not prepared to stay at home for months. Many people even lost their jobs considering the break in the chain of income. Initial days were difficult as people were trying to adjust themselves to the lives they were put into.Digitization has shown its power during this course of time. Schools were shut, but children could continue their studies online. The comfort of doing things on [...]

June 02,2021

Tips To Record Your Song Covers Like A Professional

Music is a soothing field that feeds your soul. A passionate singer is always in search of making music that everyone loves. Many outstanding songs exist, but a singer can add a personal touch to the song and make their own cover songs. In the making of cover songs, the music is rearranged, and the instruments can also be changed to give the song a fantastic twist.Every singer cannot excel in making great cover songs, so many studios can help you [...]




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