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May 28,2021

What Are Minus One Tracks And Why Are They Used

Every hobby can be turned into a passion and gradually into a professional if you have the zeal, courage, and enthusiasm to pursue it. Technological advancements change a lot of things. People who loved singing used to dance on the transistors in the early days but now bug music systems must give a quality performance. Singing has also evolved a lot in the past few years. Karaoke singing is not only limited to restaurants and bars now. It has [...]

May 21,2021

What Is The Difference Between A Songwriter And Song Composer

Whenever we hear a melodic and engaging song, we always praise the person behind the mesmerizing voice, the genius mind for writing the song, and the exceptionally experienced music composer for making it. A successful song can only be made if every small and significant part of the song is made with passion and perfection. Many people tend to ignore the slight details like the melody and rhythm, which can deeply impact their performance. To m [...]




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