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  • Posted On: 04 Dec 2020
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How to Compose a Song? Practical Tips to Overcome Writer's Block & Write Great Lyrics

Composing a songwith exceptional tunes and creative verses can be hard. Indeed, even the mostexperienced lyricists experience problems sooner or later in their vocation.There is one key thing that makes songwriting difficult is –

Writer’s Block!

This is a commonphrase that can be heard by the song composer too often. No matter it is the first song or the 100th one, this problem arises with every songwriter. While starting with writing lyrics of the song, millions of questions come pouring into the mind, the first of which is –

What does it take to compose a song?

There arenumerous approaches to start a songwriting career, yet the main part is havingsomething you need to express. Figuring out how to compose tunes includes someessential knowledge of music hypothesis however it likewise expects you to keepin mind the story or message you want to tell. Songwriting requires talentalong with learnable skills. The more you practice, the more you become capableto face challenges in your composition.

Every musicianhas his strategy and will unexpectedly concoct their melodies. Thus, there’s nocertain rule when it comes to writing a new song. It's down to themusician, the tune, and the first motivation to decide your beginning stage.

Below are the practical tips to follow while composing new music & lyrics –

·         Start with a Catchy Lyrical Idea & Snappy Melody –

Millions of songs come on the music chart & go. But why do someof these songs get stuck in our heads? The key reason behind this is thesoulful melody & creative lyrics. In case you're attempting to compose anearworm, the tune is the main piece of the songwriting process. Some musiccomposers start with the melody while others have a strong lyrical hook intheir minds. No matter from where you start the process, if you are thinkingabout entering a songwriting profession, remember to keep the things innovative& engaging for the listeners.


·         Include Passion & Emotion –

A significant piece of song composition is realness. Is it true that you are simply utilizing words that rhyme or are extra sharp, or would you say you are truly saying something? When you share your tune with others, does your music bring them into the occasion? Be passionate & include full emotions so that when your melody and lyrics flow together they create something so powerful that touches the heart of people.


·         Use Different Chords –

Neverstick to the same type of chords, as this will limit the scope of musicalideas. It is always good to try composing songs that include all type of chordsto get a more complex & interesting sound. Try your hands on major, minor,dominant, diminished, and augmented chords one by one but don’t make thingsharder for yourself by overcomplicating your track right from the start.


·         Approach for Process with Structureand Spontaneity –

Composing a song verses is tricky. Have a solid plan about thestructure of the process, but it’s important to leave some space for discovery& alterations. Write a song & find if the lyrics are drawing you ornot.  Study and listen to your favorite songs and take note of the format and structure. If you find something catchy, quick & memorable go back to your lyric & change the melody.


·         Take Professional Help –

If you are new to songwriting, it is obvious that you would requiretime to learn & master the skills. It is always recommended to take helpfrom a professional song composerif you are a novice. Getting an outside perspective on your track from experts can help to bring the best out of your music. 


·         Use Rhyme Tool –

Rhyme tool can make melody verses snappy, and simple to remember. Bethat as it may, rhyming isn't generally essential for musicians. But sometimesa thought cannot be perfectly expressed in rhyme; if this is the case it issuggested to follow the thoughts & try something different without anyrhyming part.


·         Breakthrough Writer’s Block –

Try to follow a different way if you seriously need to break throughthe writer’s block. If you always write the music first & then lyrics, itis advised to try doing this in another way around. Try composing a melody in ashot of another instrument or in a class that is new to you. Moving out of yourusual range of familiarity can help kick off your imagination.


·         Get Feedback –

Ifyou are not able to find whether the composed song is good or bad, honestfeedback will give some fantastic insight into how the song could be improved.

Concluding Thoughts:

The mostimportant thing to complete the process successfully is to try & bepatient. Attempt again & again and allow yourself to write a bad version ofthe song. Follow the above tips & tricks in mind to get yourself much moreprepared as you continue your journey with songwriting. There is no secretformula to becoming a successful songwriter. Combination of hard work, talent& expert assistance from Carry a Tune Studio will surely help you achieve perfect lyrics that will be loved by all!

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