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How To Compose A Song? - Beginners Approach To Start From Scratch

Creating any composition is an extremely rewarding experience for anyone who is into music industry. If you have already tried your hand at music composition, you probably know how amazing it feels to compose music and express yourself through chords and melodies. The process requires immense hard work as well as strong musical skills.

Whether it’s about composing a short piece of music, a symphony, or your song, the process of creating the composition is same for all. Music composition is a process that needs learning.  Are you facing the challenge of composing an original piece of music? As a novice in song composition, it becomes difficult to find out where to start. Experienced song composers can save you greatly in this challenge. Besides, checking out these profitable tips will also assist in composing a perfect song from scratch –

1. Get inspiration:

Try to get inspiration from the things that surround you. Going out in the fresh air, watching a movie, reading a book, or praying to God can provide you some good idea about composing music. Another great option is to search for the best song composer online as they have years of experience and will guide you perfectly in this field.

2. Try recording your melody:

Grab your recorder and record the melody at the same instant as it comes into your head. Getting inspiration and not recording the melody instantly will make you lose some amazing composition. Experiment with diverse melodies, chords, and chord progressions, until you get the right one.

3. Play around your instrument:

Try playing with different instruments that relate to the composition in your mind. While doing so, make sure to record or take notes of your creativity.

4. The song structure:

While composing a song, think about the numerous song structures for example arrangements of verse, chorus, bridge, refrain, pre–chorus, etc. Taking assistance from a professional music composer will make you determine which structure will be the best for your song.

5. Add your lyrics:

Think about the theme you want to get across and fix the lyrics to the tune you have created. In either way, give the lyrics to a professional song composer and ask him to fix the tune. This is because a composer can perfectly actualize the tonal balance between the words and songs.

6. Sing and listen to your song:

After composing the song, sing it through to find out the required corrections. And if you are a beginner, get in touch with a professional composer who can listen to your song and criticize your composition. As they are experts in this field they will give genuine reviews and refine your composition.

It’s a wonderful and satisfying feeling when you hear the finished composition. If there is music inside of you, and you want the world to hear it, get the services from the professional song composers at Carry A Tune Studio and make your song a big hit!

August , 2020

I have been in the music industry for quite some time now but never found such an informative and useful post for beginners. Well, I must say that you people are having a good understanding of the complete process of music composition and the way this blo

August , 2020

Thank you for such an impressive Blog!!

Nishank Singh
August , 2020

It is very correctly stated that "The process of composing music requires immense hard work as well as strong musical skills." Also, thank you for the detailed information. It is very helpful for beginners like us.

August , 2020

Wow!! What an amazing and useful blog for beginners like me... Keep it up!!

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