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Established in 2012, Carry A Tune Studio, the online music composition experts, have been working with enormous unique clients, of all genres of music, from every corner of the globe.

  • Film / Tv / Trailers
  • Composers / Producers
  • Vocalist / MC / Rapper
  • Musician / Band

Carry A Tune Studio takes pride in supplying the best mixing and mastering services along with vocal tuning, and music arrangement services to both corporate clients as well as enthusiasts.


Bitch - RAP | Music Arrangement Service | Carry A Tune Studio
Hallelujah - Lyrical | Vocal Mixing And Processing Service | Carry A Tune Studio
In this together | Covid 19 | Music Arrangement Service | Carry A Tune Studio
Miss Me Too - EDM | Mixing And Mastering Service | Carry A Tune Studio
Main Chala - Soul Music | Mixing And Mastering Service | Carry A Tune Studio
Sanwre Tore Bin - Sufi | Mixing And Mastering Service | Carry A Tune Studio


At Carry A Tune Studio, it is never about us, it is all about you. Audio is our life and music is our passion! With that said, we are always striving towards being the best song makers and delivering you the ready to launch music composition. Being a premium music mixing and mastering studio, our objective is to set new bars for genuineness, quality, precision, and beliefs.

Since our establishment in 2012, we have been growing and have an extensive collection of best analog and digital equipment to make timeless music in any genre. Carry A Tune Studio team takes pride in the professional musicians who are known as best music producers, keeping in mind the client's requirements. They are among the best song makers and song composers.

Carry A Tune Studio is known for its best quality, client satisfaction, and premium mixing and mastering services, professional vocal tuning, and music arrangement. Our studios located at multiple locations are famous for best song composition deliveries. However, we are an online music production studio, hence providing our services to the clients online.




Mixing and Mastering

Prices start from $79.99 for an up to 30 channel mix and master. The online music mixing and mastering provided by us is performed in our own studios and then tested at our end to ensure the perfect delivery. Please note we will require the dry stem files for this service.

Music Arrangement

If you have raw vocals or lyrics, we compose a complete song for you in a pocket-friendly price of just $149.99. And guess what? Mixing and mastering, and vocal mixing is already included! Also, we provide you the stem files free of cost.

Vocal Tuning, Mixing, and Processing

We process the vocals provided by you and fine tune them towards perfection along with the mixing and processing of them as per the requirements. All these are included in the one time nominal charge of just $99.99. Avail now.



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