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Music Video Production

Music Videos are a new way to gather the kind of audience and influence that you have been seeking all this while to take your music career to peak. Having said that, there is no going back on the fact that almost everyone who is new to the industry and wishes to make it large, produces their music videos. However, not all gain that kind of attention. To get that perfect break in the music industry, it is essential to meticulously focus on two big things, first, of course is your music, perfect blend of mixing and mastering , a great music arrangement, with fine vocal tuning; second, the obvious, is the music video. With all these in place you are bound to excel. Carry A Tune Studio has understood the very importance of making attractive music videos and engaging the traffic of the target audience. We now work upon making your entry grand into this area.

With around 10+ years of experience in this industry, we now know what it takes, and we incorporate all those magical elements into your music composition or the music video production. Why wait, when you can still make it large?

Why Make A Music Video?

For an aspiring singer, musician, artist, or band, it is important to gain recognition for the works you do even before making a huge break. What will help you to grab the best attention of your audience are the music videos. Gone are the days when CDs were sold, and people tried new cassettes, it's a digital era and the music industry is no exception. Get your music videos released and get the due fame that your talent deserves through the powerful social media. A good music video release on YouTube with perfect strategic launches on other social media platforms will ensure that you are officially an "artist," and that your music has been "released" in the market for public consumption. After that what happens is for you to consume. Considering that, now, you know how it goes after that, if the public loves the videos and your art, there is no going back! Well, if not, you get critics which will help you enhance. However, a good music video increases your chance to have that "blazing" career in the industry of music! A Music Video also acts as a proof that you are serious about your music and the world must hear your talent. Without a music video, it is extremely difficult these days to gain the kind of attraction popularity because your music will not be able to reach a large number of people or reach the right people who can make a huge difference to your career. In a nutshell, a music video is a necessity in today's world and can make the difference between anonymity and stardom!

Types of Music Videos We Create For You!

Carry A Tune Studio ensures a perfect blend of modern technologies and your music composition to capture that very essence of yours into your videos. The kind of art and effort you put in, we ensure that we double it and produce exactly what you have been looking for! To ease it out, here are a few categories of music videos that we create for you!

1. Sliding Lyrics Videos

Very commonly known as lyrical videos, these videos offer you a perfect synchronisation for your lyrics and music especially in case of vocals. The lyrics slide or run in coherence with the vocals. Here is a small sample of this kind of music video production by Carry A Tune Studio.

2. Animated Explainer Video

To describe animated explainer videos, they are short videos converting complex ideas into simple, attractive, engaging, and a meaningful way. With explainer videos company can generate leads, brand awareness, reduces back rate, and much more. A Sample can be seen here.

3. Performance Split Music Videos

In these videos, various artists perform the same song and the videos are then merged to get the perfect output music video. Carry A Tune created Hallelujah music video with two different artists singing in the tunes and playing.

4. Promotional Videos

Music videos are not just confined to singers and music producers, they also have an added promotional value for brands and help you to reach a specific target audience and has become one of the most effective branding strategies in recent times. Check the Carry A Tune Studio's promotional video to get an idea of how yours might engage the audience.

5. Informational videos

With music video production creating a new sensation in the music industry and elsewhere, many music videos are being made for informational purposes to fulfil a specific task. Utmost care impartment is essential for such videos to ensure no wrong message is delivered and hence we do the same for you to stay worry free about any error. Check a sample here.

6. Advertising Videos

Majorly, in this digital era, advertising industry overlaps absolutely any other industry. Music Industry is no exception; neither are music videos being produced every now and then. Advertising music video production helps you create your prominent presence within a few minutes of communication with the viewers. We have expert professional music video producers for this.

Benefits of having a professional music video production!

In this digital era, it is difficult to get online music video production services that can ensure that the music video is made considering all your requirements. Moreover, it is even more time consuming and lacks technicalities that dwell in the music video production. The solution? Online music video producers! Carry A Tune Studio is finally offering its online music video production services to help you release your song out there!

1. Time saving

When you try to record the entire music video in the studio or outdoors, you have to invest time in making an appointment for the venue, artists, and then waiting for the confirmation, apart from the travelling time, etc. which can be easily eliminated altogether in case of animated, lyrics, video etc.

2. Less technicalities

You don't really have to get into the technicalities of video production and can leave it entirely on the producer. Hence, you can have all your time by yourself to focus on your music composition skills. It saves you from diverting your talent elsewhere and still get the professional music video.

3. Cost Saving

It is immensely costly to get all the hardware and software required for video production yourself. This can be sorted by getting a professional; music video production studio does it for you. You just have to provide them your song or the music composition and they get it done for you.

4. Satisfactory services within no time

When you get to do it yourself, it is hard to get perfection and satisfaction with critics telling you what to change at that instance. However, when a professional music video production studio does that, the team offers you all of it with a satisfactory output by analysing everything themselves.

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