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It can be very tedious to get perfect mixing done professionally on your own at any levels and also it is immensely time consuming. While some might consider availing online free mixing and mastering services through software and song mixers, they end up generating degraded quality songs with additional noises. It is best to hire an engineer, or a professional online service provider like Carry A Tune Studio to get your music composition mixing done perfect.

Carry A Tune Studio offers you online services with professional mixing and mastering in the high-tech studios by experts to make your music track sound just right, resembling the one you are looking for! Moreover, highest quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction is our biggest asset! Check our work samples to know it the best yourself.


Hire a team of professionals to make your music sound amazing!

With a blend of correct software and experienced sound engineers working on your song, the mixing and mastering services by Carry A Tune Studio suffices almost all customer requirements. For us, we don't just count giving our best, we count the track once we get it done perfectly. With a perfect mix of most professional software and plugins like Izotope, Ozone-9, Neutron 9, etc. we offer the best quality along with our very friendly customer care services working to resolve all your queries and concerns if any! We provide custom services catering to all your requirements creating the exact soundtrack you are looking for your major label release. This way you can upload your radio-ready music to all streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud. Should you have any doubts, we will give you more reasons for why you must choose us!


A lot of music composers and song makers believe that it is very easy to mix and master a music arrangement through a defined program by simply uploading audios to the software and applying a simple mix! However, programming music on their computers, they end up frustrated as to why their mixes do not sound as expected-balanced, wide and with the desired depth. On an average, a professional mixing engineer alone has at least 8,000+ hours of experience in music mixing in different genres and has that perfect 'ear' to identify the crucial mistakes at the very first stage. A professional service will never let you have any of these in the end:

  • Harsh sounds in mix
  • Low panning
  • Device specific mix
  • Insufficient low endUnbalanced levels
  • Excessive reverb
  • Not enough high end
  • Low quality vocal clip editing
  • Sibilance in Vocal tracks
  • Lack of clarity
  • Harmonic Clashes
  • Over compression
  • Narrowed mix
  • Incorrect pace or tempo
  • Excessive fx and Eq
  • Bad crossfading

To avoid such issues and to save ample amounts of time to focus on fine tuning your area of expertise, outsource your requirements and specifications to professionals like Carry A Tune Studio. Just tell them your requirements briefly and with expert deliveries and best services, they get it done just right. With an experience in services like vocal tuning, music arrangement and song composition, we know how to do it just the most efficient way.

What is a balanced mixing and mastering service?

A balance mix must sound pleasant to ears and must not contain any harsh tunes or dead end vocals. It consists of elements which have relatively even volume and are neither at a very high pitch nor too low and neither changing the pitches just very quickly at a distracting level. It is about knowing which instruments take the lead in the background and where vocals fall at the correct pitch and pace. Also, it is about highlighting the overall lead vocals while suppressing the unwanted noises and disturbing sounds. Creating a balanced mix is an art which is done with meticulous attention to each single second of sound and is practised for years and mastered.

Difference between mixing and mastering!

Both of these often go hand in hand and are assumed to be a combined name for a single process, which is not true! These are two different processes dealing with the music tracks at different levels. Music composers and song makers are well aware about the part both of them play in a major release and a perfect sounding rack. Here are few of the major differences:

Mixing First

Mixing creates a balance among the tracks and creates them into a cohesive whole whereas mastering takes that music arrangement and gives it a final finish. So, you can mix without mastering the sound but you can not perform mastering before mixing.

Accessibility To Music Tracks

Mixing gives you access to every musical instrument track in a song individually. At this stage you can add vocals or alter the instruments used or anything. However, while mastering you only access to the final mix track.


Balance is required in the final track; hence, both mix and master tracks must be balanced. The difference is that during mixing individual tracks are balanced while during mastering, the entire music arrangement is balanced.

What do we provide?

Mixing services

Mixing services

Achieve the perfect sound that you have always heard in your head with Carry A Tune Studio’s mixing services. Provide us your stem files and let us know the requirements.

Mastering Services

Mastering Services

Once your mix is ready, just send it to us with instructions regarding reverbs, EQ, timing, pitch, chorus, etc. and we will online deliver the highest quality radio-launch ready track.

Mixing and mastering services

Mixing and mastering services

This is the easiest and most affordable of all. Just send in the instrument files, vocals and instructions, we will give you a ready major label release song online.

How to prepare your DAW before sending us?

However, you must prepare your tracks before sending out for professional mixing. This is because the engineer is not going to do everything to make it the best experience and produce the perfect output for you.

1. Organize your stem files

All the tracks you are sending them, get your tracks properly named and numbered. This ensures that no track gets misplaced and it saves you a hassle of struggling for changes after the mixing.

2. Editing and consolidating tracks

If you want us to edit your tracks, you must send all the takes on the songs by addressing take1, take2, etc. You should include all your stem files without noises, you can either remove noises yourself or ask us to do it.

3. Prepare an instruction file

Ensure that all the stem files and vocals to be mixed for each song are present in one separate folder. Moreover, you should inform them about the requirement of your EQ, reverbs, etc.Also, this makes it easy for us to find everything organized and do things without confusion.

The more, the better! All our services include

20% Album discount:

Order more than 5 tracks and avail 20% off on the entire order without any restrictions on the number of stem files you send us!

WAV+MP3 Included:

Get the link to your final track online downloadable link in these formats and of course tell us if you need other formats too!

Quick Turnaround time:

Our standard music track deliveries range from 2-5 working days. We also have a one-day express delivery service!

Mixed and Master Stems:

We also provide mixed and mastered stem files for reusable purposes at a later time on additional request of the customer.

Professional Advice:

Even before your order starts to process you have a detailed conversation with a dedicated sound engineer to have the best output.

For custom mixing and mastering services, book now!

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Our presence in India

Our offices are in 5 cities across India and we continually work towards creating new compositions for pro & amateur singers and we take pride in supplying the best mixing and mastering services along with vocal tuning, and music arrangement services to both corporate clients as well as enthusiasts.


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