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It is an immensely tiring task to carry out all your vocal recordings in a professional studio setup, and online song composers and music production studios have made it better. Carry A Tune Studio has made the process extremely simple, just send them the raw vocals, describe your requirements, and get the WAVE outputs delivered to you at your comfort! With the best quality online music production, Carry A Tune studio is well-known for its professional mixing and mastering services, supreme quality music arrangement services, vocal tuning services, and much more.

Moreover, what makes it stand out is the 10+ years of survival and growth experience in the music production industry. For us every track is entirely different and the processing it requires is different too. Therefore, none of our music compositions, music arrangements, or songs resemble one another. Our expert professional music composers put in efforts and creativity to innovatively customise the music composition unique for your vocals. You must check our sample works to know how we do it much better!

Online Music Composer

Carry A Tune Studio ensures a perfect blend of modern software processing along with real instrument music arrangements for the raw vocals which you provide us to deliver you the best music production and song maker services at the comfort of your own space. Just share your requirements, raw vocal file and leave the rest on us. With express deliveries of the WAVE outputs, we have over 250+ consistent customers and almost 200+ tracks successfully delivered over the years. Therefore, delivering satisfaction along with each of the online song compositions we create.

Perks of having an online music production!

In this digital era, it is difficult to get the reliable online music production services that can ensure that the music composition is made from scratch and is recorded in the studios with real instruments. Moreover, it is even more time consuming and costly to record in a professional studio with a professional music composer, one might not be very easily accessible to you even. The solution? Online music producers! Carry A Tune Studio is now offering its online song composition services to help you release your song as a major-label release.

Cost Saving

When you try to get a song produced in a physical studio, there are many charges involved, including a full-day charge for the studio, the transportation charges, the registration, and many more. You can skip all this cost by getting your music produced online.

Easy accessibility

The best part about online studios is they are accessible from each corner of the world, including the remote areas. You can record your vocals anywhere in an acoustic room and send it to online music producers, and they get the song composition delivered to you.

Time saving

When you try to record the entire song composition in the physical studio, you have to invest time in making an appointment and then waiting for the confirmation, apart from the travelling time, etc. which can be easily eliminated altogether in case of the online studio.

World-class Music Producers

In the online music production studios, all your work is done with utmost care and perfection with world-class musicians making your music composition as per your instructions and requirements with a tinge of perfectionist touch! You can connect with experts for your tracks.

Less technicalities

All you need is a microphone, sound card and an acoustic room. Just that! Nothing else! These microphones can be bought online and can be easily used to record raw vocals without much technological advancement needed. You then send the vocals, rest is on us to do! Here are a few recommendations for mics!

Professional Music production

At the comfort of your space, you get the most professional expert music compositions produced, just the way you want them to be, exactly meeting all your requirements, at a tap. What could be easier! Invest your precious time honing your loved skills and leave the rest on an online music producer who will deliver it to you.

Recommended Microphones

USB mics

If you are a hobbyist and just love singing and do not wish to invest in the big budget professional equipment setup, this is just the right mic for you. Being among the most popular mics, this is preferred by owners of home studios, video makers, Youtubers, podcasts, etc.

Dynamic Mics

Dynamic microphones are the most sturdy mics and are usually used for live performances and guitar recordings usually by professional music composers and singers and for stage performances.

Condenser Mics

These are the mics that are highly recommended for professionals and for studio quality vocal recordings. They have a highly specialized capacitor for the immensely enhanced quality recording. These are available in Large Diaphragms, Small Diaphragms, and Electret variants.

Carry A Tune Pro Tips for flawless Vocals

If it is possible, get an acoustic space for yourself or you can also opt for Acoustic foams which can easily be bought online on various E-commerce platforms; these help in reducing any kind of background noises.
If the above option is not feasible for you due to any reason, this is a cost-effective tool to reduce the unwanted noises and the breathings sounds and hence enhance the quality of raw vocals.
Many mics capture even the footsteps in the room or the tapping of your hand or legs during singing. Shock mounts help to survive that. These can however only be applied to condenser mics.
You must use the best software aids to get your vocal tracks ready to send for the song composition. Some of the recommended softwares by Carry A Tune Studio are Logic Pro, Pro Tool, QBase, Nuendo, etc.
Ensure to keep the Sample rate at 48 kHz and the bit rate at 24 bits; we also support higher ones, but these are the most ideal settings to get the vocal tracks right for processing.

Why choose us?

Music is a piece of art that goes straight to the heart!

We love what we do and offer you what you love, just the way you like! Choosing us means telling us your detailed requirements, your recommendations, your music taste and exactly what comes to your mind regarding your song composition. Once that's done, we start doing our part, collecting all the information and mixing and mastering it with perfect beats and tunes and giving life to your imagination! Here a few more reasons, just in case!

High customization level

We offer the extreme level of customisation, be it online mixing and mastering services, vocal tuning, or any other music production for a song maker. We just do it exactly the way you want it!

Built from scratch

All the music you need is recorded with real instruments in high-tech studios and with best song makers and music composers. No false promises, no fake software generated music arrangements!

Make it like your own

Your song composition will sound just like the one you imagined and we will make revisions if you need, within a limited period of course, but for us we give our best to make it sound like yours in one shot!

Affordable prices

With all the best quality music production services including best online mixing and mastering, music arrangement and vocal tuning services, we offer it at competent prices just for you!

Customer satisfaction is must

Our friendly customer care is always ready to help you with all your queries related to any of your song composition or music production work online. For us, good is not just enough, it should be best.

Express deliveries

We don't want you to be waiting long and hence we get all your requirements sorted and right away sent to the musicians so that you get the music composition delivered to your inbox as quickly as possible.

What is a Music Composition?

Music composition, in simplest terms, is giving a melody to the lyrical aspect of the song. Although the combination of notes, harmonies, phrases, rhythms, lyrics, and melodies gives the fragrance to the entire process, the word "composition" typically applies to instrumental music. At the same time, the term "song" usually refers to musical activities supplemented by lyrics. "There may or may not be words in your music composition."

Technically speaking, musical composition, or just composition, can apply to an authentic portion of music, both vocal or instrumental, forming a musical section or building or writing a new composition. As per classical music theory, music composition conceives any musical piece, the craft of building music, or the finalised result.

A Music Composition contains two significant aspects-The principles are the order and disposal of different sounds to satisfy the listeners' ears. In ancient terms, this delicate piece of art was coined as a melody. The following sounds like two or more synchronous sounds to make their succession comfortable and joyful to your soul. It is termed harmony, and it can solely justify the title of the composition.

Now, this thought leads us to question ourselves as to how these compositions are created. So here's a detailed description of the same.

How is a Music Composition created?

Formulating any musical composition is an enriching process for everyone who belongs to the music industry, whether or not they are composers. We have often heard our expert composers cherish how amazing it seems to compose music and express yourself through harmonies and melodies.

However, the process needs extensive hard work along with solid musical knowledge. Whether it's regarding composing a small piece of music, a harmony, or a song, the method of formulating the composition is equal for all. Here is how our experts create the musical composition:

  • 1
    Hear out your requirements:

    Once you approach our studios for musical composition, our first question would be about your essential to advanced requirements. Then we will try to find out a little about what you have to help our composers start the composition. Whether it is a piece of lyrics or the vocals you recorded, any ideas you have about how you want the sound of the composition to feel and seem like this all act as a starting point.

  • 2
    The song structure:

    While composing a song, our musicians consider the numerous song structures, such as verse, chorus, bridge, refrain, pre-chorus, etc., and get the best one suiting your song and help you frame it in the most appropriate format. Again, taking assistance from our professional music composers will help you determine which pattern will be the most suitable for your song.

  • 3
    Add lyrics and give it a theme:

    The next step our musicians perform is to get to know what theme you wish to set up a song for. If it is a romantic song, the tunes that fit in would be different; if it is a bhajan or a song to praise someone, the theme will be different. They select the theme if you want and help you fix the lyrics to the composed tune. Then, in any way, it is a good idea to present the lyrics to a professional song composer and get the correct musical theme. It is because a musician can achieve tonal balance.

  • 4
    Knowing your inspiration helps at times:

    Realising what made you write those lyrics gives the artist or the music composer an idea of how you wish the song to sound. Likewise, this knowledge gives our composers an idea of what to achieve. Therefore, if you require some stimulus writing lyrics, you should do so because freshness in lyrics makes the entire music composition much more appealing.

    For instance, going out in the clear air, viewing a movie, browsing a book, or appealing to God can grant you some great ideas about making music. Now that you have it all set and you look for inspirations for music composition, an excellent option is to hunt for the best song composer online with multiple years of experience who will be able to and happily guide you in this field.

  • 5
    Spending time with your instrument:

    They play with their instruments and try various combinations and possibilities to get the best results. They will try to get the most out of each instrument and make the composition enticing and musical to hear.

  • 6
    Sing along and listen to your song:

    After composing the song, the music composition gets delivered to you, and you can sing along with it to find out the expected corrections. Once done, you can ask for revisions within a week of delivery of your music composition. You can also avail our song mixing and mastering or vocal editing services to make your song sound more professional.

    We get many questions on why they need a professional for this purpose, and we understand. However, at the same time, you wish to do it all on your own to get that extremely personal touch; you must understand first that this personal touch is not compromised by getting a music composer online. A general term encountered while knowing about music compositions is music composition major so let's look into what it is:

A quick introduction to the music composition major:

As a music composition major, a person develops a compositional voice by various active composing schemes, besides studying modern music, orchestration, investigation, harmony, and counterpoint. A composition major is a professional designation given to a professional who has learned music composition and can deliver appealing compositions over the years.

Coming back to our original point, why exactly do you need a professional?

Is the entire process of composing the music hard?

Proper music composition demands hard work, time, and dedication. Early in your composing work, particularly when facing restrictions and significant roadblocks, it's simple to settle for classic myths that discourage aspiring composers. It explains why many give up before they even start. So, this is a complex process, but then you can become an expert with experience.

Can I compose my song? What does a music composer do?

Composers Prepare musical scores for everything that needs a soundtrack. The scores penned need to be technically correct to generate flawless executions by choruses, artists, or instrumental bands. Composers do just that, create music for you precisely the way you need it to be. However, a composer is not limited to the only harmony.

Indeed, you can compose your songs, and it would be the most rewarding experience for you once you successfully finish one of your musical compositions. However, it is essential to note that music composition is a process that needs learning.

Firstly, as a novice in song composition, it becomes tricky to find out where to start. Now, once you are aware of that, you need to decide which instruments to use, what types of tunes to add in, and what notes that most suitably fit in the song you just jotted. Again, experienced song composers can save you significantly in this challenge.

Even for an experienced producer to deliver that personalized experience for your composition, we need a few things from you before delivering the musical composition you need.

What do you need to send us for perfect music composition?

Apart from raw vocals or the song lyrics, you need to help us with the requirements. For example, tell us about your inspirations, the theme basis, the tunes you would require, etc. Apart from that, you need to tell us if you have anything in mind, like what you seek from the music composition to deliver the best.

Is a composer identical to a music arranger?

A music composer composes generative music on instruments or computer programs executed by bands, orchestras, or other musical groups. In contrast, an arranger practices music that a composer has already drafted and performs in a new way. Thus, a music arrangement service is different from a music composition service.

How long does it take to get a music composition?

I would say it depends, but that's not the answer you have been looking for. So, let's try to make it easier for you; with Carry A Tune Studio, you get the best music composers in India. It takes a maximum of one week, usually only 3-4 days after you place your order for the music composition and specify your requirements.

What are the best microphones you must use for recording vocals?

An excellent vocal recording microphone precisely catches an excellent audio signal required for any record producer or musician. Now, this is essential if you are sending across your vocals. Here's a list of different microphones that our experts recommend:

  • Shure SM58
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Rode NT1A
  • Shure SM7B
  • Neumann TLM 102

You can read about these microphones and get the details you need about them regarding which purpose these mics are suitable when to use which mic, and all those things, just don’t worry, reach our blog, and it will guide you in-depth about these microphones.

Now, with the microphones you have, one of the bothering questions arises about vocal editing.

Is vocal editing required before and after music composition?

Vocals have become essential aspects of popular music because successful music must maintain repeated listens, demanding a near-perfect vocal part and many other exciting dimensions. Vocal editing makes it easy for the music composer to get your vocals up and vibrant to match the music they just curated.

How would you like it when you read a lovely book, and there is a page missing? It will get you sleepless nights! Similar is the case with vocals and music compositions. A song is like a story. You will love the music composition, but vocals complete the entire story. To finish the story with the reader's engagement throughout, you need great sounding vocals, which you can achieve through vocal editing.

We at Carry A Tune get this question very frequently, and all our clients want to know if they should spend on vocal editing and avail the services, and our answer is always, it depends on you, but it sure is advisable to make the entire song sound the best. So here is what else makes up a great song composition.

What goes into a great song composition?

Whenever we discover a melodious and appealing song, we constantly celebrate the person for their mesmerizing voice, the artist's mind for penning the song, and the incredibly skilled music composer for composing it. However, to create a song that would be loved and cherished, a composer should understand the psychology and judgment of the audience.

What goes in a fantastic song are the lyrics, the melody, and the voice. The song can’t be finished without meaningful lyrics, and the person who pens down his creativity is called a lyricist.

A person who creates the harmony of a song is termed a music composer, and the person who single-handedly forms the melody and pens the lyrics is designated a songwriter.

A songwriter and a music composer, are they the same?

  • 1
    Role of A Songwriter:

    Every person included in forming a song can be described as a songwriter. If a lyricist only transcribes words and does nothing else, they will be among the songwriters. For example, a lyricist might write some terms at the behest of the composer. Similarly, a composer may turn harmony to meet the song entirely on the word of a lyricist.

  • 2
    Role of A Composer:

    Whether it is just a harmony or a melody track, a composer will create the music for it. A composer will build the song that will successfully have lyrics to execute the song impactfully. In brief, a composer can ascertain the song's spirit by building its music and then assembling the song by adjoining lyrics and rhythm to it. The music must immediately carry the song's feeling, which is in the composer's capacity.

    After understanding every aspect of the songs and the music, the final question is, why do we need a professional music composer?

    Sure, everyone can compose their music, which adds a tinge of uniqueness and freshness to the music composition. But, in addition to that, there is no doubt that professionals spend years learning and enhancing this art of music composition years after years of consistent practice and know exactly what will fit in. Professional music composers just add that beauty to your song that is desirable for the song’s survival in the industry and among the music enthusiasts and not just song appreciators and critics.

    So, the time is now, get your ideas discussed, build that song you have been postponing till now, pen down the lyrics, create a composition, and just make it right!

How can Carry A Tune Studio help your music composition dream come true?

Carry A Tune Studio has professional music composers, music arrangers, mixing and mastering engineers to help you get that perfect sound and tune for your music album or the big release. Our musicians are precise on one point- ’Know what the client needs and deliver it to them hassle-free.’

Once you initiate the order placement process through the website or one of our executives on call, we will get your meeting/call scheduled with one of our experienced musicians. They will then look into your requirements and ask you questions about what you are aiming for.

Then, you make the payment as discussed with our members. Our prices are very affordable start from as low as Rs. 16,000. Then we take notes and start to get that perfect music composition done for you. The results are delivered to you over the registered email with us within a week.

Of course, you can ask for alterations if something doesn’t feel right immediately. Once you are satisfied, we look forward to your new requirements. After all, the relations with customers are never-ending.

Tell us your music composition requirements!

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Our offices are in 5 cities across India and we continually work towards creating new compositions for pro & amateur singers and we take pride in supplying the best mixing and mastering services along with vocal tuning, and music arrangement services to both corporate clients as well as enthusiasts.


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