Online Vocal Tuning Services

Did your vocals come out a little flat? Carry A Tune studio offers online vocal tuning services to give you commercial and label ready sound.


Online Voice Tuning Services

We greatly understand that vocals can make or break the song. Flawlessly tuning your vocals requires skills!Vocal tuning thus has become the most popular option among the talented vocalists to deliver their best in the music industry. Our world class engineers have sound experience in offering professional online vocal tuning services for numerous artists round the globe.

We believe in doing a productive and quick job! Provide us with your raw vocals and we assure you that it willbe tuned to a professional standard track. Our experts use the latest techniques and advanced software likeMelodyne, Antares Auto-Tune, and Waves Tune. Our fantastic services and most updated tools with differentnuances give us the capacity to manipulate your audio tracks exactly in the way you want.

We Help You Get Amazing Tracks! Know How?

Autotune pitch correction

Not every performer has a perfect pitch, and it might be surprising to know that established artists also use pitch corrections for their recording. The final quality of the record is fully dependent on the way how vocals interact with other tracks. We provide -

Manual Vocal Tuning

We process your raw vocals and will pitch correct it using the most popular "Melodyne Software". The entire procedure is carried out manually in a transparent manner ensuring that you get the superb quality tuning without any incoherence and timing issues.

Vocal Tuning (Auto-Tune)

We also offer vocal tuning services using "Antares Auto-Tune". This process involves transformation of the raw vocals into a more precise tuned track with the help of automated software.

  • With our state-of-the-art process, we enhance your music and make it sound like a pro!
  • We make precise pitch corrections to obtain perfectly tuned vocals with creative effects.
  • We bring into line several music audio tracks to make them tight & rhythmically effective.
  • We clean-up your tracks and get rid of noisy plosives and undesired external noises such as electrical hums, whirring fans, etc.
  • We work on reversing the effects of poor pitch correction in case the corrections are too evident.
  • We process your vocals line by line using the advanced Melodyne software and Antares Auto-Tune software to get fine-pitched vocals without any timing issues and inconsistency in pitches.

How Does It Work?

Get your vocals perfectly tuned at the world's most famous online recording studio that too at the comfort of your home. We have made the vocal tuning process simpler for you! All you need to do is -

Send us the high-quality dry vocals without music that require correction.

Send us detailed notes with the style of tuning you have in your mind as a reference to tune your music.

We'll provide you a quote based on the requirements of your song in less than 24 hours.

Why Opting Our Services is A Rightful Decision

Here at our Carry a Tune Studio we use the avant-garde equipment to make sure that your vocals, backup vocals, and instruments are in perfect harmony and rhythm with one another.It's the time to take advantage of our Vocal Tuning Services and don't let a few tweaks stop your music from reaching the world.

We guarantee to offer you the best assistance & make you sound like a singing star that you have dreamt of. Our engineers know always follow the key aspects needed to create a successful and natural project.

Recording a song is a tedious and pricey process. Call us or visit us today and see how we can help you achieve perfection. We take every key measure to make sure your vocals sound perfectly tight and are in rhythm. Our work and experience say that you will be surely amazed at how much more polished your song will be.

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Don't bother if you need other audio services

We help you with Music Composition, Mixing And Mastering, Music Video Production and editing, Vocal Tuning, Minus One Track, and many more.

Our presence in India

Our offices are in 5 cities across India and we continually work towards creating new compositions for pro & amateur singers and we take pride in supplying the best mixing and mastering services along with vocal tuning, and music arrangement services to both corporate clients as well as enthusiasts.


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