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  • Posted On: 15 Oct 2020
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Tips on How to Compose a Song

Song Composition is an art of drawing the lyrics and painting it with the epitome colors of the musical canvas's emotions. It's not a trick to be played. Song makers have a tedious task to create a perfect song composition, which doesn't just sound right but also feels right! If you are on a journey of creating an ideal song composition and need some expert song making tips and tricks, here is what you need to ensure:

Generate the natural body for your lyrics:

1. Begin with the title.

Commencing with a decent title will help you stay aligned on a particular idea throughout your song. Create an expression of one to six terms that sums up the essence of what you intend to convey to your listeners through your songs. Maybe you could try looking for ear-catching phrases and idioms. 

2. Make a table of enigmas inferred by the title. 

A good song maker will create an enticing and interactive story within a song holding to a particular idea portrayed by the title. You must try to stick to the title and invest some time in your thought process of what you could write about it. Jot them all down. 

 3. Pick a song composition. 

You must be clear about your song structure, be it the common one: Verse / Chorus/ Bridge / Chorus/ Verse / Chorus. Creatively you could also add something called a "pre-chorus" or "lift," separating the verse and chorus to develop intuition. They all have an identifiable harmony, one that the audience can identify. Always focus on adding melodious structures to your songs, which brings the next tip. 

 4. Find the melody in your lyric. 

Choose a few prominent phrases from your lyrics and say them out loud. Now replicate them with intense emotion, again and again, with the exact feel you want to bring in your music composition.  Amplify the feeling in the words. Notice the spontaneous rhythm and resonance of them. This process will help you identify the best chorus for your song and create a perfect feel for it. Perform with it continuously; it must feel satisfactory. 

 5. Start to attach chords to your chorus tune. 

 Find a significant yet straightforward chord progression that adds a little value to your chorus vibes. It should correctly tune in harmony with your lyrics and must reflect emotion in an entire song. 

 Develop your song in sections.

 6. Work on the lyric in your first verse. 

The beginning decides the song's progression and what impression it is going to throw on the listeners.  Make your first line impactful to arouse the listeners' interest: maybe an engaging statement, a mystery, or a representation of the circumstance.  Don't jump on too hastily with the feelings in your song. Give your audience time to concede what's happening in the song.  In Verse 1, be sure to provide listeners ample information to appreciate the chorus as it arrives.

 7. Connect different verses and chorus and all other parts of the song cunningly: 

Start with recording an "unplugged version" with just lyrics or just the guitar's vocals and the guitar. Whatever you wish to add in it, anything enhances the song's melody and adds tune to it.

Now that you are clear on how to compose a song yourself, you may need the help of a professional song maker to guide you through the entire process or to help you record your final song. You may even need them to get your vocals tuned, mix and mastering of different files, and what not! There is no issue in availing one! Connect with Carry A Tune Studio and get your next hit song composition ready.


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