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5 Best Microphones for Vocal Recording

Vocal recording is the basis for an amazing music composition and the lead vocals are bound to create a huge impact on the audience. As a music creator, your necessity is a high-quality vocal, for which you need recording microphone to ensure that your voice is as clear and as loud as it is meant to be. A poor-quality mic promptly leads to exasperating recording sessions and the degradation of your authentic talent. Investing in some good quality microphones that you can afford is very significant early on while you put together your pro studio or even your home studio. A good vocal recording microphone is proficient of precisely capturing an excellence audio signal, basic for any record producer or musician. But it can be quite exhausting when it comes to selecting one, not all recording mics are worth your investment or created equal. Providentially, we’ve created a comprehensive list of 5 best microphones for vocal recording available in the market.

  1. Shure SM58

    Shure SM58 dynamic microphone for a long time is known as one of the Most Popular Vocal Mic in the World. Most of your favorite singers that you see on stage use SM58. The sole reason behind it is its absolute resistance to feedback and rugged casing. Moreover, it is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment, which adds on to its perfection during live performances and just as well for studio recording. The best part is even being very cost-effective; its quality is considered supreme.

  2. Sennheiser MD421

    Sennheiser MD421 serves much more than just great vocals. This mic is considered as the Best All-Around Mic in dynamic mics. It can complement almost anything you can think of, it is great with an electric guitar or even drums, providing the best bass and percussion. If you're looking for a versatile microphone, Sennheiser MD421 is highly recommended. It is also a dynamic microphone.

  3. Rode NT1A

    Since large-diaphragm condensers are more often than not, the go-to mic for vocals, Rode Microphones are the finest of the top. Rode NT1A is one of the best cheap condenser mics available. It offers a perfect combination of sound quality, price and overall fulfils all your requirements as your first vocal mic. They are very popular in mid-range vocal recording microphones, used especially in-home studios.

  4. Shure SM7B

    Among the best dynamic microphones, Shure SM7B is one of the few options that are exclusively adapted for vocal recording. It is considered the industry standard, especially for rock vocals. It serves best in its two most common jobs that are radio broadcasting and screaming rock vocals. Being budget-friendly is a great add on.

  5. Neumann TLM 102

    Neumann TLM 102 is specifically amongst the best vocal mics for home studios. Neumann Company is known as the creators of greatest vocal microphones but many of their flagship models are extremely costly. But with an introduction to the newer line of TLM mics, Neumann has successfully made their classic sound recording facility much more affordable to the average artists. Among all in series, Neumann TLM 102 is most cost-effective and popular.

    Before investing, it is important to compare prices and look for features that certainly complement your art. Whatever your requirements are, you’ll surely find the perfect vocal mic for you among these options. Moreover, always ensure that you prepare your vocals at the right pitch or ask for pitch correction to send them for vocal tuning and mixing and mastering to get the perfect music arrangement done. Let us know which one you found the best in the comments below!
Sushobhit Rai
February , 2021

I am using this Sennheiser MD421, this is one of the best-known microphones in the world. With its excellent sound qualities, this mic has effective feedback rejection, clear sound reproductionand Easy handling due to pronounced directivity.

February , 2021

Your content helped me a lot to take my doubts, thank you very much. It's such a nice blog.

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