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8 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Sound Better When Recording Your Vocals

Have you ever got your song recorded in the studio? Got disappointed with how it turned out to be? Thought you are not good enough to sing?

You have a great voice, but you might come out disappointed and frustrated from your recording studio. It is not because you have a terrible voice or the studio is not good enough. You might have been stressed or exhausted, which made you unable to perform well.

How to make your voice sound better when singing?

You have to practice a few tips before recording that will help you sound good at recording.

1. Relax Before You Start Singing

If you are stressed while recording your vocals, you might not give the best of your performance. Staying calm and relaxed during your recording session is the first tip you should follow. Take a recording studio tour to relax and get in your comfort zone before starting the final recording.

2. Watch Your Posture

Your body plays a vital role in how your sound will turn out to be. Your feet should be slightly apart from each other, one slightly leaning forward to balance the weight. Keep your hands and legs relaxed. Make sure to keep your back straight and chin parallel to the floor.

3. Practice Singing Tough Scales

Practice the challenging part so that the easy part is performed smoothly. Before appearing for your final vocal recording, try practicing the tough scales with variety. Keep practicing it until you feel your vocal cords are opened up, and you are ready to excel in your recording.

If your practice session is perfect, your editing becomes easier. You know, places with high and low notes will help in synchronizing the vocals well. This will also help in vocal tuning and pitch correction of your tracks.

4. Warm Up

Before playing your favorite sport, you prepare your body for the exercise; similarly, before singing, you need to do a quick warm-up to prepare yourself. You can do neck, throat, and diaphragm exercises. Cough a bit to clear your throat and practice reaching from low to high notes.

5. Avoid Food That Harm Your Voice

Be cautious about what you are eating and drinking before your final vocal recording. Do not consume things that can irritate your throat. Drinking hot water will help in singing smoothly and will keep you hydrated.

6. Stay Hydrated

Since your throat will be in action, you need to keep it hydrated. Drink warm water, eat fruits or consume fresh juice to stay fresh and enthusiastic about recording.

7. Pick The Correct Microphone

While recording, you will be in close contact with your microphone, so choosing the right quality mic is very important. There are a variety of mics available specials for vocal recordings. However, for a home studio setup, you can choose large condenser microphones.

8. Choose An Appropriate Place To Record

If you are recording at home, look for a quiet place that will not echo your voice. Less disturbance while vocal recording will make your editing task easy, and the vocal recording will come cleaner.

Remember not to go over the board with editing your sound. Also, mixing and mastering the track will give it a final and perfect touch. Before finalizing the track, make sure you listen to it repeatedly to ensure no noise or mistake is there.

Setting up a home studio is not a pocket, friendly and easy option. Also, recording sounds like a professional needs a lot of experience. Many sites offer pitch correction online. They have sound engineers who are experts in voice tuning and other music-related services.

Conclusion Thoughts: It is not an impossible task to improve the sound of vocals at home. By following the simple tips mentioned above, you can improve the quality of your song at home. However, if you need professional quality recording services, you can opt for them from the online websites available.
Rishi Chand
March , 2021

Yes all the points of your blog are valid and everyone needs to follow them as well, but I think the fifth point of your blog is bit invalid because food doesn't harm anybody's voice, but yes it also depends on an individual's body. Also, I feel that your studio is very appropriate, I am looking forward to giving my project to you guys soon.

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