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February 18,2021

Helpful Tips To Get Better With Your Music Composition Skills

The best part of learning new things is exploring and implementing them and creating a masterpiece every day. When you looked at your handwriting when you were a kid vs. now, you could see a significant difference. When you consistently do something, you get better at it every day. Being the best music composer is not an overnight achievement. You have to go through many steps that sharpen your skills and failures that teach you the [...]

February 11,2021

5 Best Ways to Learn Music Production

Music is a powerful way of expressing your emotions. Even if you cannot sing, you still connect with the song's lyrics, tune, and vibe. If you are passionate about music but do not know where to start from, we will guide you through. To seek perfection, you need to practice; to produce your song, you need to know music production basics. There are no written rules or do's and don'ts in music as straight from the heart. But there are a few step [...]




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