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April 08,2022

Understanding The Benefits Of A Pro Recording Studio Over Home Studio

As technology has advanced in recent decades, the world of digital recording has evolved at an exhausting pace. Many people love to work at professional studios, while many of them have home studios that might vary in size and scope from a PC and a controller to a full-blown production setup. One can finish loads of work there at their own speed and positively make great-sounding tracks. Yet, working in a professional studio is an experience that [...]

April 07,2022

Music Production - A Comprehensive Guide To Understand The Basics

Every song we hear has a process of music production behind it. It covers each stage in the formation of a song, from writing to final mixing & mastering. It is a kind of training that can shape the foundation of the inventive work process as a musician. However, It's never been simpler to start producing music. But, there's such a long way to go that getting everything rolling with music production can feel intimidating.Although there's no [...]




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