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November 20,2021

Top 10 Genres in the Indian Music Industry

The uniqueness of every music genre in India brings us together. We all know the unique style of Indian Music, which has billions of fans worldwide, both inside and outside India. But did you know that the influence of Indian Music on Western Music is as old as the Beatles? Today's article briefly introduces the types of Indian Music that vary by era, genre, and region. So let's dive in without any further effort! Indian Classical Music1. Carnati [...]

October 30,2021

Best Songwriters In India

Who isn't absolutely, insanely, mind-blowingly in love with music? We all have our playlists of great songs that we want to hear. Music, the voice of the soul, has kept India alive. Bollywood has great songwriters who focus on songs and the lyrics that are as important as the rest of the song. It is not the music associated with background music that makes the difference, the lyrics and the composition that do. The Indian film industry has many t [...]




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