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How Is A Beat Maker Different From Music Maker?

Music has changed a lot over the past few years. The role of people in making good music remains the debate. Every individual, be it a songwriter, music composer, music producer, or instrumentalist, plays an im[portnat role in how the song will come out.

The idea of the song is the main form where the song starts. If the idea is good and is well-executed, then the final produced song will also be great. Good music cannot be made with the efforts of one single person. It requires a good lyricist, experienced sound engineers who can do mixing and mastering of the song, and a song maker who looks after all the process.

What makes the song groovin? The beats are an important element in music production that can make or break the music-making game. Just like sound engineers are experts of mixing and mastering the track, a beatmaker is the one who will make beats of the song.

We can distinguish between a beatmaker and a music producer under the following criteria.


A beatmaker will come up with the drum patterns, melodies, and loops. A beatmaker would not necessarily make the entire song. If he has made 8 beats that sound outstanding, he can give further work to the music producer.

The role of a music producer is to arrange the loops, add verses, a bridge, or a chorus. If the producer wants, they can add various musical instruments to the song to amplify the song or add a variation to it.

A music arranger also plays an important role in arranging the pieces of music. This arrangement will help the music producer to carry out the further steps of making music smoothly.

Adding New Elements:

A beatmaker will only make alterations in the beat. In comparison, a music producer will manage the entire pre-production and post-production work of the song. A music maker will add new elements to the song to make it enjoyable.

Many beatmakers are often questioned whether they are actual musicians or not? Beatmakers do not fulfill any creative aspect in producing the song apart from providing the beats. A music producer, on the other

Beat Maker As A Programmer:

Beatmakers back then were called programmers as they used to sequence the midi tracks, synthesizers, drum machines, and programmed machines. Their role was to sequence, compose and arrange the musical track.

Song Producer As A Record Maker:

When we watch a movie, we come to know the tasks handled by the movie director. Similarly, a song is produced by a record maker who is keenly involved in making the track from the beginning until the song's final stage.

A song maker works closely with the songwriter, singer, and musician. The song producer needs to have a sharp ear and should be able to catch mistakes in the track.

Can Beats Be Considered As Music?

Beats are part of the music but cannot be called the entire music when a beatmaker arranges the sounds of instruments in a sequence that is called beats. A songwriter will write the lyrics, a vocalist will sing the song, and a sound engineer will do mixing and mastering of the track. When these processes are completed, it can be called a piece of music.

Concluding Thoughts:

Creating music is a passion that involves many challenges. You don't need to excel in every role while making the music. Some are great lyricists, some have good knowledge of beats, while some are phenomenal singers. If the music lacks beat, then it won't be engaging. Similarly, if the entire music is not created well, the listeners would not like it. So, every step in music creation is a milestone that needs to be done by experts.

Rohit Verma
March , 2021

It is very correctly written that beat maker only creates drum patterns, melodies, and loops but the music maker produces the entire music. And yes beats are only a small part of the music & not the whole music. Thank you so much for explaining the difference between them in such an easy way.

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