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Mixing and Mastering The Way of Creating (Good) Music

Everyone who belongs to the music background wants their song to sound great. Composing music on the same level with the best artist is vital for achieving success for many people. But not everyone understands what reaches the song to its last form. An attractive melody, a proper arrangement, and even a favorite artist are enough to reach a song its final destination. But there are many more things that play an essential role in making a song good. 

Mixing and Mastering-


In simple words, mixing is the method used to prepare a track sound mesmerizing and good. Basically, mixing performs after the completion of recording, though some use this method when writing or recording the music. 

There are various stages in the mixing methods. Let’s know about the essential stages of mixing:


Leveling is the first and primary stage in the mixing method. The level-to-level or volume-to-volume relationship among tracks will identify the base of your mix. You will explore a bad mix, quickly converting into a good music arrangement once you start to control the sound's volume. 

Begin with kick beat and never stop working until they are perfectly balanced. Before switching to the vocals and other instruments, carry on with the rhythm and bass instruments. Once you are done with basic levels, you can jump on the other component of your mix. 


Panning is the next stage of the mixing process. It is the classification of music within the stereo field and not applicable in mono applications. There are two classifications- panning hard left and panning hard left. In panning hard left, the sound keeps in only the stereo pair’s left speaker. Alternatively, in panning hard right, the sound keeps only in the right pair. Usually, the space in mid is fully changeable; it means that you can keep a sound anywhere between the right and left pairs. 


Like leveling, equalization is used for balancing. An EQ or equalizer is an important tool used to balance different instruments so that mixer can hear each sound easily and clearly. The balance in this step of mixing is done by attenuating, boosting, or frequencies. 

Dimension: Delays and Reverbs:

As before, we described panning and leveling and how do they work for a mix. Now the fourth step is a dimension that is divided into two parts- delays and reverbs. Both the parts add depth and keep the instrument in an environment. They also signify to the listener whether they are in a cathedral or broom closet. 


Dynamics- compression is the most dubious stage in mixing and even in music. It minimizes the amplitude of a sound or fetches the quieter portions. 


Mastering is the last step of sound production. It aims to balance all the stereo mix elements and improve playback in all over the media formats and systems. In ancient times, tools like compression, equalization, stereo enhancement, and limiting were used to perform mastering. 

Well, mastering is a tough process. Let’s look at the techniques involved in mastering:

Audio Restoration- This stage resolves any issues in the original mix like pops, unwanted clicks, or hisses. Additionally, audio restoration helps to resolve mistakes that occur when un-mastered sound is augmented. 


We can say that loudness is a type of compression. While musicians used compressors to make tracks louder, they also possess a drawback. The things become louder, the more you are at risk of making a pumping effect on the music. Some people appreciate it while some are not. 

Alternatively, limiters are a kind of compression that enables you to decide the music's loudness as you want without the risk of ruining the sound. 

Sequencing and spacing:

It is the one the last steps in mastering. This process keeps your audio and sound in order on an EP or album. Spacing is the process of putting silence between each track. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Whether good or bad, a perfect mix and master can make any sound great and acceptable, but they are not a magic bullet for poor music creation. Composition, theory, depth, and arrangement are some of the main elements that make a song perfect and outstanding. Beginning with the great versions of those components will make the mixing and mastering process smoothers and turn out the best result. 


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