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  • Posted On: 13 Aug 2021
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Simple strategies To Back Up Your Music Production

Imagine creating something out of utmost creativity and skill and losing it in a fraction of a second because of a simple click! Not something you would want to face as a Music Composer. Music composition is something oozing with creativity, and the task is to preserve it, hold that idea, hold that thought, hold that tune. Not saving a piece of music could cost you more than just a file in the professional music world, and it is nothing short of a nightmare!

What if you could cut the chase and have a backup for all your music compositions? Wouldnít that be a secure option? These simple but effective strategies to back up your music production as a music composer could save you a great deal of money, time, and, who knows, a record-breaking song! Now the first question that arises is,

How Do I Backup My Music Production?

The answer to that would be the 3-2-1 method. So the easiest way out of this dreadful situation is to save your musical composition on three other storage devices.

This method is said to be highly recommended by other music production houses and musicians.

Furthermore, doing so could save you the fidgeting that losing a file could cause.

Now, this would lead to another question;

Where Can I Backup My Music?

As a music composer, you should consider backing up your work to a couple of different formats. Here, we have mentioned a few formats that professionals recommend:


Buying an external hard drive is a secure option for saving your music as a backup and an addition to your storage collection. In addition, this is a more affordable method than the 3-2-1 method.

A second external hard drive could be used as well for a higher level of security.


If the 3-2-1 method or buying a new hard drive sounds like a hassle, donít worry! Cloud-based storage has got your back. Some of the most famous free storage space service providers are Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also avail of extended storage by getting a paid subscription.

There are some other security-centric services like Sync, which are crucial for music production.

One con of cloud-based storage is that you may lose all your stored data if the company goes down. One may save only the important data in the cloud storage service to create extra backup security in hand.


Using your personal computer for storing backups is one of the best ways to utilize the inbuilt storage. This may as well be the most secure option as all your files would be saved offline and can be easily accessed anytime.

Using your PCís storage will also ensure that the original file is secure and copies on other devices.

But before considering this option, make sure that the version your PC is running on is up to date and in running condition. Furthermore, it must be virus-free as ransomware may be harmful and extensively take out these large files whilst external drives can be detached and unplugged safely.

Securing your work and files as a music composer should be a top priority for you, irrespective of whether you are pursuing it as a profession or a hobby. Several hours of research and trials could go into vain if you donít strategize your backup plans. So follow these tips and tricks now and keep creating music that inspires! Apart from that, at Carry A Tune studio, we protect and keep our customersí data until they get satisfied with the music we create.
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