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  • Posted On: 22 Jan 2021
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The Preamble to Writing Songs for Movies - How to Do it in a Better Way | Carry A Tune Studio

We all know that music holds an important place in our lives! And if it is of so much importance to us, we all want our TV shows & movies to be filled with some quality music.

All through the previous decade, there has been more prominent mindfulness by young artists & bands that writing songs for movies and TV shows not only gives a type of revenue however can prompt important exposure too.

But for each tune that is placed in a movie or its clippings, many are tried out – regularly hundreds before picking up that one best tune. The music that will land the position is the one that enhances the feeling & influences the listeners. The music of the movie should be such that it brings out that feeling of the crowd.

· What is Songwriting?

Songwriting includes composing significant lyrics, building up a decent tune, and masterminding that verse to a particular melodic style, consonant structure, and rhythm. Different song composer specializes in different aspects like lyrics, arranging, jingle writing, etc. The popular tracks that we hear are created with team-work. Not all songwriters are perfect performers; they take help from the accomplished music producer to give their tune the high-level ability to record it.

· Why Try Your Hands in Songwriting?

Music has been known as a great way to share joys, sorrows, hopes, love, and dreams for thousands of years. By enhancing these skills one can lead to better career opportunities like writing jingles, creating hit tunes for the band, composing sacred music, or writing educational songs for children.

However, there are a lot many platforms available today that can help you find out your talent of writing quirky songs that make you a viral sensation.

· Tips & Tricks to Make Songwriting More Effectual –

1.Use Lyrics That Works Best: Use the lyrics that assist listeners in visualizing & connecting with the song. Songs having emotions like self-exploration, finding love, feeling lost is best to fit in several movies. Try your hands on such kind of lyrics so that the listeners love to hear them again and again.

2.Stick with Particular Themes: Most of the songs are based on some common themes like Love, heartbreak, break ups, triumph over a struggle, suspense, and revenge, etc. Try to stick to a particular theme while writing a song to give your best. It may seem like a formula, but there will always be a market for music that supports these themes.

In actuality, there is no secret formula for successful songwriting, it's upon you how you handle it. Get professional help from the best music composer in India to get it done perfectly. Even if you fail or struggle hard, never stop trying as the song is in you… So just keep going!!!

Vivek Roy
February , 2021

Yes, as for me writing a song is the difficult part of the song composition. I am also a writer and I have written 2-3 songs till now and for that I need to focus each and every moment of my life which helps me to put proper words according to my emotions

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