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  • Posted On: 27 Dec 2021
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The Rise of Indie Artists in 2021

With every passing decade, the music video production industry has something new to offer to the world of music. Almost every decade, a change in the music industry takes place, apart from the way we listen to and consume music in our daily lives. For example, music industry trends such as boomboxes, cassettes, and pop hits mark the era of the '80s, and CDs and iTunes (Apple) are part of the 90's trend playing catchy one-hit wonders for boys and girls bands.

As COVID-19 hits the world and live music and concert tours stagnate, music artists need to be creative about how to keep reaching fans cleverly and constructively to attract followers. If anything, the slowdown for music producers in 2020 could have given us a glimpse of some of the trends of indie artists over the next year!

The rise of independent artists:

As a strategic way to ride the wave of social media, independent artists are finding very cool and innovative ways to stand in front of more viewers through various social media channels. In this era of "virtualization," you only need one hit to land, and you don't know what's around the corner.

If interested, indie artists can continue to share music on YouTube channels and TikTok, and there are more creative ways to expand their fan base. However, getting people to see is a two-part effort, and keeping people on your channel is another. In a sense, it's hard for indie musicians to find a way because of the competitive environment of the music business with all the factors.

However, it has the advantage of providing what people today want from their listening experience, including curated playlists, fresh and exciting sounds, and underground discoveries from unknown musicians waiting to be discovered. It feels like a treasure that has come across a potential next big star that makes today's listeners feel part of the discovery process shaping the world music video production market today!

Alternative sources of income for musicians, bands, and artists:

With the rise of currently pending live concerts, festivals, tours, and streaming subscription services, paying for actual albums is not the standard way to generate revenue for musicians and record labels. Instead, to hit the content or product they want to receive, you need to listen to creative thinking and fan feedback!

For example, in 2020, Taylor Swift switched gears and released an album in the pandemic that deviated from her usual pop-country sound. Since Folklore was first released, she has already released notable albums, including bonus tracks, album-themed branded items, and more recently, Disney+'s intimate concert film rethinking album creation. This shows that the trends in the music video production industry in 2021 need to be as adaptable and harmonious as viewers expect.

With so much content that people consume every day, there is a difference between lightning strikes for temporarily trending people on Twitter and Instagram and increasing popularity for very long-lasting ones.

What goes behind the making of indie music?

Behind the cast and curation of mainstream and indie music producers and artists is an exceptional team with sounds that are perfect for these show scenes and resonate with viewers worldwide. Music that attracts attention or evokes emotion can bring old songs back to mainstream or bring breakout artists to the forefront.

After the decisive stoppage of live music events in 2020, fans will want to see the live performances of their favorite musicians, surrounded by real-life experiences that can only be offered at direct concerts. We still don't know how live music events will change to reintroduce this opportunity.

Still, with the availability of multiple tools, the music industry doesn't have to stick to one type of tour. Drive-in concert events, intimate live streams at home, and other adaptations to the concert experience allow performers to rejoin the live music scene and provide a terrific live experience for everyone. It brings together artists and provides a multi-faceted experience that introduces music to fans in the same way genreless playlists and algorithms are aimed at in the blast of innovation.


Fans are driving trends in the music industry. As more and more people have a direct platform for sharing their thoughts, likes, and dislikes directly with major label artists and executives, it's easier to collect data and make better decisions about the future. But, as with all the popular music trends in the past, you need to learn to take advantage of them in the long run. Ahead of what's popular now-it's not easy! "Indie" artists have the opportunity to use all the tools in the world today. If music video production is your thing, contact Carry A Tune now for all sorts of assistance for all your music production needs ranging from arrangement to mixing and mastering and so on!

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