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Ultimate Guide To Hire The Best Video Production Company In India

Hiring a video production company in India is the most profitable and effective marketing decision that a company can ever make to grow their presence online. But, one can easily fall in the pit of a common hiring procedure where one prefers the cheapest offer among the shortlisted options. This strategy wonít help you find a suitable company for your brand and can ultimately affect your companyís progress.


To save you from this tedious task of hiring the best video production company, we have come up with some guidelines. We will also tell you what benefits this decision would bring to your business, so stay tuned.

 Everything About Video Production Company


Videos are a great way to connect quickly to the audience. It could be a customer testimonial video, product demo, social video, or video blog.  No matter what kind of video it is, it will improve your brand awareness and attract customers irrespective of their location. Therefore, it is a key feature of any business to enhance their advertising process.


There are many more reasons why companies are shifting from traditional advertising campaigns to video advertising. Here are some of those reasons:


Why Is Video Advertising A Popular Marketing Tool?


    A good high-quality video clip has high response rates as they get noticed very quickly.

    Building trust with the audience is the goal of any business or company. Video content marketing lets you build that relationship of faith and trust by appearing more useful and valuable to the customers.

    As per studies, 74 percent of users are more likely to buy a product advertised in video thus contributing to sales directly.

    It also increases your credibility and also gives a better return on investment

    Websites with embedded video hold the visitors for a longer duration thus increasing the traffic on websites. This also improves the website ranking on Google.

These benefits are the reason why businesses are opting for video advertising. But, one has to know the basics of video production to start with it. There are three steps to video production.


The first step is pre-production that involves the video strategy, budget, selection of story, scriptwriting, location scouting, and selection of equipment. The second step is a production that includes setting up the equipment, recording voices, conducting interviews, and more. The third step is the post-production phase where the final story is reviewed and edited.


Select appropriate music, a little editing to finalize the video and it's done. But, video making isnít easy as it takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and of course budget to produce high-quality content. Whatís more difficult is the script writing which is the heart of any video and not everyone can write a good script.


In addition to this, making a professional video that reflects the brand value and attracts the target audience is difficult without the right approach.  


The right approach is to leave this task to a video production company because they know the best. They are also called a media company that produces creative content for their clients and also promotes the content.


Unlike studio companies that include directors and producers, media companies work solely for clients. They are also digital or marketing agencies that produce different kinds of media.


Want to know how a media or video production company in India can benefit your business? Here are the benefits of hiring them.

 Pros Of Hiring A Video Production Company In India


    A good video requires a lot of investment such as buying the right editing software and necessary equipment. Hiring a company will reduce this cost and you can be sure of getting high-quality content.

    The market is full of creative content that lures customers. Coming up with a new and engaging concept all time is not everyoneís cup of tea. Professionals working in this field know how to attract audiences and have ideas and imagination beyond your perspective.

    Hiring professionals reduce the dependability of others to meet the deadlines of projects and donít cause a disturbance in the regular workflow of your company. A corporate video production company in India has a complete plan to make successful videos within deadlines and that to be without compromising with the quality.

    You donít have to deal with all the minor and major issues during video production. Professionals will take care of those and all you have to do is wait for the outcome.

    They have a better perspective and can easily figure out the strong and weak points that you as a beginner may fail to do. Moreover, they can suggest improvements and maximize the outputs.

These are the pros of hiring professionals so choose the best among the best and get ready to take your business to the next level. But that is possible only when you make the right decision and even before hiring them you should ask few questions to yourself:


    What is the reason for producing a video? Is it for introducing a new product or service or to introduce your company?

    Who will be the target audience?

    What message do you want to deliver to the customers?

    What will be the location of shooting and budget?

    What will be the timeline?

    Who will be the host?

    Who will approve the video?


Get the answers of these questions so that you start with a goal in mind and donít lose the track during the project. Next step is to hire a good production company where you can go wrong but not when you are here. Read further to know what to look for in a video marketing partner.


6 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Video Production Company In India


Budget is undoubtedly the most important factor during the hiring procedure but few more things matter the most. And to figure out the best among hundreds of companies, one should ask the following questions to them:


How Long Has Your Company Been In The Industry?


The first and foremost question you must ask is about their presence in the industry. How much experience do they have? How much understanding do they have about the market? Check out their portfolio of work and analyze their quality of work and professionalism.


While checking their previous works look at how engaging and attracting their work is. View from the perspective of a user and not as a company. This way you can better judge their experience and work.



Also, check testimonials from their old clients. Testimonials are the mirror of their work that will help you identify how many clients are happy with their work.


In Which Niche Do You Work?


Video production is just an umbrella category with lots of sub-categories such as film and TV production, product videos, marketing and event videos, etc...Find a niche-specific corporate video production company in India so that you get the desired results.


But if you want a company that produces all kinds of videos, right from the about us videos to product-specific videos, then look for one which has a diverse team for all video production needs.


Ask About Their Company Culture


This is a very important aspect so that you can have a partner for years. They should be able to truly understand your companyís cultures and values so that they can reflect the same in their work.


How Do You Manage The Project?


Managing a project is a tough task itself which you cannot do alone without a team. It is because professional video making requires the right script, new ideas, actors, equipment, set locations, editing, training, and more. Managing all these aspects of video making can interfere with other work.


A production company can manage everything but ask them what their management plan is. Do they have enough members in the team for each work? Do they provide reports at each stage of video production? How do they deal with obstacles during the project?


Asking these questions will give you insights into their team handling and management skills.


What About Marketing?


Producing a video is just one part of marketing and promoting is the other part which is more important than video production. If your video content is not promoted well on different social media platforms then no matter how great the content is, it would be of no use.


So, you must ask about their promoting and marketing strategies as well to reach a wider audience. If they have a better marketing background with years of experience in video production then it would be the icing on the cake for you. After all, your goal is to get conversion from the content and increase sales, isnít it?

What Would Be The Cost?


Once you are satisfied with their skill sets, marketing ideas, working culture, and ways of handling a project, you can finally ask about the budget. Some good companies charge less but offer better quality videos whereas others charge higher without promising effective content.


This is where you can go wrong thinking that one who is charging high prices also offers high-quality work. Do a little research on your side to make sure that you donít fall for this trap. The best way to identify a worthy corporate video production company in India is to make comparisons.


Get quotes from each company that you find worthy as per the above suggestions and then compare their services. Find an affordable one that suits your budget and also offers the best services.  Wondering how much budget will you need? Read below:


How To Estimate The Video Production Cost?


Good video production depends on the following factors which ultimately determines its cost:


1.   Types of video- If you want an animated video then you will have to invest in good editing software, animation software, and an experienced animator. On the other hand, if you want a cinematic video with real actors then the production cost will include the cost of tools and equipment, videographer, scriptwriter, actors, and staff to manage it.

2.   Duration of completion- The length of the video hardly makes a difference in cost because all the same equipment is going to be used. But, it does make a little difference in video editing that can delay the launch of video.

3.   Shooting location- An in-house video production wonít cost much. But, if you want to shoot outside the city in a beautiful location as per the demand for content then you need a big budget. This will include the travel expenses of the crew. And if the crew belongs to the local area then it may cost you a bit less but donít expect it to be cheap.

4.   Time- If the video production takes 2-3 days then you can expect the budget to increase especially if you are paying for per day work. More the duration more would be the budget so plan everything.

5.   Post-production- The budget not only involves the pre-production costs but also includes the cost of video editing, story editing, motion graphics, and more.

Consider all these factors while making a budget for video production. Discuss the same with the production company you are hiring. Although they will manage all these things the final budget should be your decision.



But this is not the end, you must also look for their communication skills. A company that involves their clients in each stage of the production is considered best. This eliminates the need for reviews and re-work. Also, smooth communication builds up a healthy work relationship between the client and you.


If you find all these traits in a corporate video production company in India then itís worth hiring.




A video production company in India knows all the secrets of making a polished and high-quality video that brings high ROI. They are experts and know every small aspect that can bring a major change in your business. Thus, hiring professionals is undoubtedly more worthy than doing it on your own and struggling with the basics.


Follow these guidelines while hiring professionals and increase your brand value and online presence.




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