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What Are Minus One Tracks And Why Are They Used

Every hobby can be turned into a passion and gradually into a professional if you have the zeal, courage, and enthusiasm to pursue it. Technological advancements change a lot of things. People who loved singing used to dance on the transistors in the early days but now bug music systems must give a quality performance.

Singing has also evolved a lot in the past few years. Karaoke singing is not only limited to restaurants and bars now. It has become a practice to improve singing as well. Taking karaoke singing a level ahead now, people have started singing on minus one tracks.

If you are a passionate singer and still donít know about what minus one track means. Minus one track refers to the pre-recorded custom Backing Track, which enhances the impact of a musical performance. They are also known as custom backing tracks which are recorded in high-end professional studios. The quality of the karaoke is rich, and therefore, they are used in performances also.

Why Do We Use Minus One Tracks

To know why Minus One tracks are used, first, letís know why they are called so. When a track is produced, it has bass, drum beats, piano, and vocal parts. If a singer wants to remove the vocal part, this is called minus one. One of the existing elements is removed from the original track to twist it; it is known as minus one track.

When Is Minus One Track Used:

1. Suppose a singer wants to remove the existing vocals and add their own vocals to see how the track sounds, then minus one track is used.

2. If the singer wants to adjust the song's tempo according to their need, then the minus one track is created.

3. If a budding artist wants to record their own music, then also minus one track is used.

What Is The Difference Between Karaoke And Minus One Track

You must have gone to a party and people must have insisted you sing your favorite song on a pre-recorded music. That pre-recorded music track from which the original voice of the singer is removed is called a karaoke track. One can vocalize the song in their voice and give a musical performance with the help of a High Quality Karaoke.

Whereas a minus one track is one where one or more musical instruments are removed to be adjusted as per the singer. If the singer wants to remove the sound of the piano from the song and wants to add guitar sound instead, then this customization is called custom backing tracks or minus one track.

Where Can You Get Good Quality Minus One Track

Professional minus one tracks are made in studios where sound engineers and expert musicians work on the track and ensure the best quality. Visiting a physical studio again and again and instructing them can be tiresome.

Finding an online solution to all your music needs would save your time, effort, and money as well. You can choose a professional music studio online that ensures to cater to all your music needs providing the best quality at an affordable price. Carry A Tune Studio is the best online solution for all your music needs.

Concluding Thoughts: Music is a vast field, and it isn't easy to excel in all its areas. The best option is to choose a professional music studio online that can help you in music composition, music arrangement, mixing and mastering tracks, and providing minus one tracks as per your requirements. Getting individual experts would be very expensive, so choosing an all-rounder music studio to get your work done in the best quality under a pocket-friendly budget is a great choice.

Sirish Ram Shukla
June , 2022

Good explanation about "minus one track" and its use in music composition. Here each and every basic of minus one track has been mentioned briefly.

Harpreet Bandi
May , 2022

Before reading this blog, I didn't know much about "minus one track ". But now I am well aware of this technique and its importance in modern music. The language of this blog is quite simple and easy to understand. I am impressed.

Babita Ghose
April , 2022

I had a bit confusion about actual meaning of minus one track. Often misunderstood with karaoke. All my confusions are clear now, thanks to this blog.

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