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Best Music Arrangers and Programmers in India

Arrangers help complete, adapt and rework preexisting compositions by altering elements such as orchestration, harmony, tempo, instrumentation, and genre.

Arrangers work in many professional industries, including live music, musical theatre, and the film and TV industry.

Many combine arrangements with another skill. Organizing Band Leaders, for example, adapts existing compositions to develop pieces for their ensemble. Arrangement producers create new studio arrangements based on their overview for recording, and music preparation specialists use arrangements combined with proofreading and orchestration to become a one-stop shop for preparation.

Talking about India and the diversity that the Indian Film Industry Bollywood brings with itself is mind-blowing. With Music Industry making up a significant part of the film industry, some of the most excellent musicians come to mind.

Ranging from composing to producing, music-making is a thorough and precise process. Arranging and Programming are a significantly big part of the entire process behind a song or a track to be played live.

Ultimately, an arranger can have as much influence on the composition as the original composer or composer.

Here we have some of the most impactful arrangers and programmers of all time from India contributing to the music industry for years.


Ranjit Barot was born in 1959 to a family immersed in Indian classical music and dance. His journey embarks being an Indian Film Score composer, music arranger, music composer, singer, and drummer working from his studio facility in Mumbai.

Being an associate of A.R. Rahman, Barot contributed to the genre by significantly bringing his unique personality out. He is also known to have performed with the maestro Zakir Hussain.

Ranjitís versatility was very prominent because he collaborated with prolific artists as a drummer and a musician.


Cerejo was born to a family who had no musical background and was academically sound. Cerejo is an Indian film composer, music producer and singer. He lent his voice to many advertisements jingles after a series of recordings.

He started exploring his options and landed to working with renowned music composer A. R. Rahman. Later, he got featured in Coke Studio and worked with many leading Indian music composers.


Sebastian DíSouza started his music arrangement career in 1948-49 with O.P. Nayyar. He is a successful and renowned Goan music arranger working in the Bollywood music industry.

He is known as a fusion musician presenting a fusion of Indian music along with European classical music. As a result, he altered the music structure of the Hindi film music industry.

This was Sebastian Dísouzaís journey of becoming the most wanted music arranger of the industry.


Saraswati Devi, aka Khorshed Minocher-Homji (1912-1980), was a noted music director and music score composer for Hindi Cinema in the 30s and the 40s. She was one of the first female music composers of the Hindi film industry.

Being deeply passionate about music, she gave multiple performances on the AIR (All India Radio).

She continued composing music for the film industry till 1961.


Amit Trivedi is a singer, lyricist, and accomplished Indian Music Director born in Mumbai in 1979, working for the Hindi Film Industry, Bollywood. He composed and worked for a lot of non-film albums before his debut in the Bollywood music industry.

He won many awards, one being the 2010 National Film Award for Best Music Direction.

His fascination with electronic music brought him closer to arranging and programming music. As a result, he started music composition at the young age of 19.

These were some of Indiaís outstanding Music Arrangers and Programmers that we so often forget to acknowledge, but they continue to make great music!

In addition to this, we at Carry A Tune offer unique music arrangement and programming services with the help of our well-acclaimed sound engineers.

Being one of Indiaís leading music companies, Carry A Tune has great arrangers and programmers who have worked with renowned artists like AR Rahman and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, bringing laurels to the company!

Chitranjan Tank
May , 2022

Nice blog. It flashes the limelight on some of the renowned personalities in the field of music arrangement and programming. It gives a small brief on their work and achievements. Those seeking a career in the field of music arrangement can go through it.

Jayant Varun
April , 2022

These people have been the pioneer of music programming in India. Glad to hear about them and their contribution to the industry. I am sure this blog will give light to young beginners who are new in this field.

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