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October 29,2020

The Art of SongWriting

Apart from melody, words that comprise a whole song composition impact the listeners the most. The way lyrics touch us has always been intriguing. Songwriting is a craft that you can develop by practice along with some tricks and tips. The art of songwriting comprises crafting something completely original, including both lyrics and music.  It can be intimidating to think of creating something original from scratch and fear not doing well wh [...]

October 15,2020

Tips on How to Compose a Song

Song Composition is an art of drawing the lyrics and painting it with the epitome colors of the musical canvas\'s emotions. It\'s not a trick to be played. Song makers have a tedious task to create a perfect song composition, which doesn\'t just sound right but also feels right! If you are on a journey of creating an ideal song composition and need some expert song making tips and tricks, here is what you need to ensure:Generate the natural bod [...]




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