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  • Posted On: 29 Oct 2020
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The Art of SongWriting

Apart from melody, words that comprise a whole song composition impact the listeners the most. The way lyrics touch us has always been intriguing. Songwriting is a craft that you can develop by practice along with some tricks and tips. The art of songwriting comprises crafting something completely original, including both lyrics and music.  It can be intimidating to think of creating something original from scratch and fear not doing well when you are just starting. In such cases, knowing a step by step helps to write a great song.  We are sharing some tips on how to write a song for beginners; you are free to skip sections and adapt whatever suits your artistic self and keep going.


 Find inspiration :

For any creative process, it's important to have a source of inspiration. Writing a good song is crucial that it comes from something that holds value for you. It could be your personal experiences, your surroundings, or maybe as simple as some memory. It's always best to have written random thoughts, poems, or ideas on paper before settling on final lyrics.  Free association is one of the ways to come up with new lyrics ideas.  Take a few minutes and pen down whatever that comes to your mind. Try adding rhyme; use the help of Google to find rhyming words. Remember, you can always go back and edit the lyrics at a later time. 

 Compose a chord progression.

For song makers just getting started, establishing a solid chord progression is the main thing to tackle. For instance, take 3 chords and try to create a simple rhythm.  For simplicity, you can take three chords in the key of C. Add the IV, I, and V chords that are  F, C, and G.  Try playing the chord progression on your instrument until you get a smooth, consistent rhythm track to play while creating a melody.


Create a melody.

What is the melody? Going by the literal meaning, the melody is a succession of notes forming a unique sequence.  It is that tune which you hum after hearing a catchy song.  The simplest way to create a melody is to record the chord progression you started on the small tape player and then play it back while making the melody. You can always improvise your melody with your voice, or you can play a couple of notes out of a scale on an instrument. Experiment until you feel confident about what you're playing.


Editing Your Song

The key to efficient songwriting is to develop a finished song editing comes at the end. After you are satisfied with the chord progression, melody, and lyrics the final step is to arrange it.  There are several ways to put a song that you develop with practice, but to start with, you can follow this standard way to begin:


  • Intro
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Verse 
  • Chorus
  • Instrumental solo or bridge
  • Chorus x 2 

You need to make sure that your verse's melody should be different for each verse and chorus.  A verse often has more words and tells the main story.  On the other hand, a chorus is a simple melody and has a shorter phrase that is repeated to catch the listeners' ear.  When you are done, you can record your song composition on a tape recorder, and you've just finished composing your first song!  Get the most expert advice on your song composition by the professional song makers in the industry. Carry A Tune Studio helps you with the entire art and walks with you through your music composition to enhance, beautify and polish the lyrics.


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