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  • Posted On: 18 May 2020
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How to Improve Your Music Composition Skills?

Music composition skills are an elementary part for any song maker or music composer. These skills cannot be developed over a day and is a result of long dedicated hard work and can be nurtured by practicing each day and enhancing your work overtime. Be it mixing and mastering, vocal tuning or music arrangement, Carry A Tune Studio knows the importance of each one and hence recognizes music composition as one of the vital skills for song makers. Here are a few tips by Carry A Tune Studio’s expert musicians to enhance your music composition skills.

  1. Compose something every day: This is simple advice, yet crucial. Write a piece of music every day. Afterall “Practice makes a man perfect.” You should ensure that your talent is being put to work every day and that’s how you will learn the practical aspects.

  2. Imitate other composers by writing in their style: The easiest way to grow as a music composer is to understand what’s inside leading song composer’s head. Imitating composers help you to improvise on your skills by trying something new and exciting each day.

  3. Try other styles of music composition that you usually ignore: Leaving your comfort zone is the entrance to your best work. Great if you are best at certain form like say rapping, jazz, etc. but you should always focus on trying different types and forms which helps you to gain more skills and create something extraordinary. Who knows you might end up creating the new latest hit!!

  4. Enjoy criticism: Start to accept the criticism, be it from friends and family, or expert professional musicians. Try to focus on their comments and improve on that specific part and remake that composition and then make them listen again.

  5. Produce your demo and send it into the market: Fear of rejection is the restriction to success. Just launch your music composition to the market and analyse your music through your customer’s feedback. After all, this is the real test.

  6. Compare and feel the difference: Get the same music composition composed by expert musicians like those at Carry A Tune Studio and compare your work with theirs and make sure that you analyse the entire composition. Don’t forget to add the best parts into yours while still keeping your original version. Check the free samples here.

    Most importantly while you focus on music composition in the initial stages, let experts do the vocal tuning, mixing and mastering. This will help you stay focused and keep composing while simultaneously getting the best quality production of music tracks. Carry A Tune Studio offers you all such services like music production, music arrangement, vocal tuning, mixing and mastering, to get you the best music compositions made in a way which resembles your ideas and thoughts as a song maker and delivers you the online music composition services quickly. Contact to avail the services and keep yourself focused on that best aspect of music.
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