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  • Posted On: 27 Aug 2020
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How to Practice Song Mixing and Mastering?

To kick start this article, the best way is to realize that mixing and mastering are two entirely different processes; however, they are highly intertwined and cannot be separated to produce a great music composition. A music producer and a song maker will be able to explain that both these processes do wonders for your music arrangement. Mixing is done first, of the stem files, which includes music tracks of individual instruments, and the vocals and then the entire music arrangement is mastered to allow the professional vocal tuning and the fine-tuning of the quality and as the name suggests producing a master track. A lot of people still wonder what is more important mixing or mastering?

First, let’s see how to go about the mixing process. You will have to find some tracks online or generate some files for yourself. However, the best way would be to get indulged with some local band or at best an online music production studio like Carry A Tune Studio and get some raw files from them. Drag similar tracks one by one into the session and try to mix your song trying all possible combinations of instruments and pitches. Check things like loudness, depth of field, and where each instrument is in the mix. Turn the song down and check what you can hear, then turn it up and repeat. In the process, you must ensure that your ears get enough breaks. Also, once you are done with your track, listen to it multiple times in the car, on a laptop, and a mobile device with earbuds, and try to get some productive criticism. Well, you must know the few common mixing glitches which almost everyone encounters in their first few attempts. To avoid these, you can try some online music mixing and mastering services and compare your output with theirs.

On the other hand, Mastering is a process usually defined as the “Great Mystery of Music,” you can never imagine what magic you will release after this process. Mastering is the final stage just before the release.

The online music production house, Carry A Tune Studio can help you in this process. Just get the mixing done and for the first few tracks, let them do the mastering or vice-versa. Well, one great thing about getting your mixing done by Carry A Tune Studio is you will never have to compromise with quality. If you are working on mastering, just go for mixing tracks with them. One benefit is you will get files in the format you wish, and just in the exact bitrates as you demand. You can as well avail of entire music production services, and get the finest music compositions, just like you need. Try a sample and decide for yourself, and hit the contact page!

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