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  • Posted On: 28 Aug 2020
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How to prepare your tracks for professional mixing?

It can be very tedious to get perfect mixing and mastering done professionally. Song mixer online provides some additional noises too. It is best to hire a mastering engineer to get your music arrangement and track mixing perfectly. However, you must prepare your tracks before sending out for professional mixing. This is because the engineer is not going to do everything to make it the best experience and produce the perfect output for you. It is your track and as per your requirements, you need to ensure that your tracks meet basic requirements before sending the project files for professional mixing. Here are a few preparation tips for the best experiences.

Get your tracks in order

All the tracks you are sending for mixing and mastering, get your tracks properly named and numbered. This ensures that no track gets misplaced and it saves you a hassle of struggling for changes after the mixing. Also, you must ensure that all tracks are clearly named, there should be no confusion for the engineer who is going to do the mixing.

Editing and consolidating tracks

First of all, clearly establish if your engineer is going to edit your tracks or you have to do it yourself. If your engineer is going to edit, you must send all the takes on the songs by addressing take1, take2, etc. This helps him better recognize and perform the mixing appropriately. You should include all your stem files without noises, you can either remove noises yourself or ask your engineer to do it.

If you are editing the tracks yourself, then you should get the crossfading done right. Fade-ins and fade-outs should be included at every end and starting, depending on the order of the tracks. This also includes the consolidation of session tracks that must be done by you. Final session files should be appropriately generated.

Organizing folders to send the files

Ensure that all the stem files and vocals to be mixed for each song are present in one separate folder. This folder should be numbered according to the order you wish to have. Also, this makes it easy for an engineer to find everything organized and do things without confusion.

After you have satisfactorily reviewed your folder organization and everything compiled in one project folder, ask your mixing and mastering engineer which way he/she wants to receive it. Send the project file appropriately and be sure of when you can expect a track. You can get this done very easily, just at few clicks here.

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