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  • Posted On: 28 Aug 2020
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Top 5 Beginners Mistakes To Avoid When Mixing Music

Mixing engineers work day and night to get the perfect session files before mastering. Mixing and mastering are tedious yet very important tasks. These should be performed judiciously, for they could either make or break your track. However, when a beginner is on his mixing journey, there are few things he should keep in mind to avoid any errors which can cost him a lot later. Here are 5 mistakes beginners are most likely to make while mixing.

1. Excessive processing is harmful:

Beginners indulge a wide range of plug-ins in setting each track right and end up over processing the tracks. Online music mixing and mastering software provide good tracks but then you might feel the need for more audio mixing and mastering to satisfy your desires with the track. Rest assured that the mastering engineer is yet to work on the track after your mix. You don’t need to employ every processing tactic yourself. Now, here one might argue that many top-notch music producers teach the same in their tutorials. I don’t disagree but you should know that they know which processing tool to be employed at what stage. Not everything fits in everywhere!

2. Know what exactly your sound is and what you wish to create:

Amateurs and even intermediates are usually afflicted to try everything with the tracks. Quite often this results in a classical soundtrack being played with harsh rock and pop sounds. More often, the mixing engineer himself feels that things aren’t working. The best way to save yourself this trouble is to understand what the track is and what do you wish to produce out of it. Out of enthusiasm when things get done one-after-the-other, we keep ourselves going and deploying plug-ins only to find out that things don’t fit. Identify the plug-ins that suit the track in hand the best and apply only those. There is hardly and the necessity for others.

3. Gain-staging is the key:

Noise does irritate us all. Traversing from one track to another while mixing can lead to the unwanted introduction of noise and distortions. Song mixer online platforms work fine but they often produce a track with a few unsmooth transitions between the mixed tracks. The mastering engineers carefully keep track of gain-staging to produce the best tracks. Famous music producers often suggest to cautiously implementing gain-staging.

4. Ignoring phase relations could invite dangers:

While starting out as a mixing engineer, it is difficult to analyze the phases of the soundtracks and recognize if they are similar or not.

Flipping the polarity on the right overhead in the mix makes an enormous difference. To create the best tonal picture, check for the phases, bass, and mix them cohesively. This helps to produce a great music arrangement and produce great session files.

5. Bass and treble in limited amounts are good enough:

Ear fatigue becomes a major issue when bass and treble are not inappropriate amounts. Mastering engineers often tend to dislike such tracks with excessive bass and treble. Song makers never like when vocals are understated by the drums.

There is no specified path you must cover to avoid the issues, practice and training your ears for proper identification can help though. Check your plug-ins and reverbs, don’t exaggerate the bass and tremble, know what you or the customer desire and you go! You can get samples and lend us all your mixing and mastering troubles; we will help with your requirements. Contact us for online music production or mixing and mastering services.

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