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Know the Essential Steps to Get the Perfect Mix before Mastering

Music mixing service – This is probably only one sure way to know that your song is sonically good. A great mix significantly interprets and accents the message of a song. No doubt, the music, and lyrics of the song send the strongest signals when people listen to it, but mixing technique aids in creating a vibe and emphasize particular elements for a song.


In practicality, mastering isn’t going to make an amateur or bad sounding mix become splendid. The more contented you are with the mix, the happier you will be with its mastered version. Therefore, if you want to have your track sound its absolute best after mastering, you need to nail the mix so the mastering professionals can perk up on something that is already great.


Here are some best tips and tricks to make sure that your mix sound great before the mastering process –


1.High Pass Your Tracks – One of the simplest ways to augment your mix is to consider how much low end all of your instruments carry. Use a high-pass filter to roll out the unwanted sound and build up of low-end noise in the mix.


2.Gate Your Drums – This is yet another way to achieve great clarity in the mix by reducing unwanted noises. This procedure not only lessens noise but applies a much better sense of separation between drums with close mics.


3.Panning – While mixing the track, panning is an easy tool used to make instruments have a set position or spot in the mix. This helps in having an equal amount of instruments either in the centre, left or right channels. This is truly a proven way to help your mix shine through careful placement of instruments and attention to balance.


4.EQ – This is one of the most useful tools. This helps bring out parts of the track that may be bit lacking. To make it simple, it can be said that without any increase in volume, this may help in regaining the edge that brings the vocal back into the forefront of the mix.


5.Compression – Its main function is to decrease the dynamic range of a performance. This is very useful in attaining consistent levels throughout a song. For vocals, this help in keeping the performance dynamic, but also at a level that keeps the vocal in the forefront of a mix.


6.Automation – Automation can help make fine tuning of tracks very easy. Volume, pan, mute, and generally any parameter of plug-in are some of the factors that are available to automate. This can be edited and/or rewritten anytime, but starting small is usually the way to go.


7.Printing Your Mix – It is extremely essential to consider how you process your track at the final stages of the mixing before handing off it to be mastered. It is vital to use DAW’s meter to make sure that the mix is printed with peaks no higher than -1dB. This permits ample room for mastering and ensures that your peaks will not go over the 0dB.


Mixing of tracks is although a simple task with minimal instrumentation, but following these steps can help you get closer to the perfect mix. It is always advisable to start with small adjustments and increase them later on. These minute changes, however, seem small but are able to make huge improvements to the mix. Focus on keeping the mix clear and don’t stress over the small stuff.


Rohan vajpayee
February , 2021

the points you have mentioned in this are very important to follow for mixing and mastering, and this is the best information I have gotten till now. thank you.

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