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  • Posted On: 27 Aug 2020
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What are Some Tips for Mixing Recorded Vocals?

Recorded vocals are amongst the essential aspect of the song composition. First, the track segregation occurs into several parts for vocal editing and the vocal tuning process to fine-tune each and remove any of the absurd parts and for the timing correction. Once this is done, these parts are then mixed in a specific order and as per the perfect timing, which finally makes a perfect music arrangement or a hit song. However, professional vocal mixing is not as stem file mixing and requires extra efforts to get it in place. Here are a few tips for mixing the recorded vocals:

  1. Bring in the vocals early
    The first parts of a mix are like a blank canvas, and whichever track you put first has the desired space. However, as the mixing process advances, spaces fill up, and the newly added tracks hinder the progress that can be solved by processing them accordingly to fit with the mix.
  2. Context is important!
    Mixing is about context! The ultimate goal is to make all the tracks sound better together. Avoid the solo button usage as it hinders you from noticing the vital aspect of how it relates to other parts of the tracks. With that, you may still spend time on track performing improvements which are not required even.

  3. Pre-delay is healthy!
    Pre-delay is a parameter that you can find in almost all the reverb plugins and is efficient too. Using it will help you separate the reverb from the dry vocals with a small delay. So, it will be easier for you to process the two separately without fusing them in your brain.

  4. Avoid ultra-fast times for tracks!
    These are very much alluring, but you should stay away from them to mix your vocals better. Agreed that they highly control vocal dynamics, but it destroys the annihilate impacts and can leave the track that sounds stifled and distant.

  5. Not just compress but automate!
    Don’t rely solely on compression as it is often not enough to create a great vocal track, as words and phrases may get lost in the process. Use compression simultaneously with automation, as both are essential.

    Carry A Tune Studio understands the importance of the mixing of recorded vocals and hence offer you the most affordable vocal tuning and editing services, along with mixing and mastering, as needed, to help you make the next rock hit!
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